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Top 100 Websites in US: Amazon Product Sourcing this 2023

In this article, we’ll talk about the Top 100 Websites in US when it comes to product sourcing and all the things you need to know about it.

Navigating the world of Amazon product sourcing can be time-consuming and a daunting task, particularly when it comes to finding reliable and cost-effective suppliers. With countless websites and marketplaces available, it can be challenging to determine which sources offer the best deals and highest quality products. This article aims to provide valuable insights and information to help you successfully navigate Amazon product sourcing and grow your business.

Topic Rundown:

What is Product Sourcing?

This term refers to the process of locating high-quality products from reliable and trustworthy suppliers at reasonable prices to sell on Amazon. However, this definition alone does not provide a clear understanding of this concept.


Not all Amazon sellers manufacture their own products, they need to depend on trusted and well-known sources such as wholesalers, manufacturers, or dropshipping companies to obtain products. Entering the vast competition in Amazon, selling random products can lead to financial losses. Therefore, product sourcing can provide valuable insight into market trends, customer preferences, and future prospects. 

Importance of choosing the right website

As mentioned above, since product sourcing must be a top priority for Amazon sellers who are planning to sell their products; it’s only important to know how to choose the right website. The right website can provide a range of products at competitive prices, allowing you to offer your customers products at a reasonable cost whilst maintaining your profit margins.

What to look for?

Before you start sourcing products to sell on your Amazon business, it is just as important to set your own deal criteria. These criteria will be based on what you decide you want for your business, particularly your Return on Investment (ROI) and profit margin. 


Return on Investment (ROI) is the total amount of money earned from an investment, while the profit margin is the percentage of profit gained from sales. 

To compute the ROI, you can start by adding up all your expenses such as shipping, cost of goods sold, prep, and additional fees, then subtract that from your sell price. Next is to divide your profit by your cost of goods sold to get your ROI.


Meanwhile, to compute the profit margin, you need to divide your profit by your selling price – and that’s how you’ll get your profit margin. 


In addition to the profit margin, certain Amazon sellers establish a minimum profit target for their online arbitrage transactions. This target could range from $3 or higher, depending on their specific business objectives.

What to know first?

After setting your goal, you also need to consider the following before sourcing for Amazon products.

Right tools

There are many sourcing tools available that can help you see if your criteria are being met and if you’ll be able to make a profit. The most commonly used tools include FBA Multi-tool, SAS, BuyBot Pro, and Keepa, which are essential in growing your business.

Focus on brands, categories, and ASINs that you are ungated

If you have already launched your Amazon business, you are likely aware that certain brands, categories, and ASINs are gated on Amazon. This means that until certain requirements are met, you are not authorized to sell certain products. It is important to familiarize yourself with the brands and categories that you are permitted to sell and prioritize them when sourcing for deals. This will ensure that you are not investing your time and resources in products that you cannot sell, enabling you to maximize your profits on Amazon. 


In case you are unsure about the process of becoming ungated for certain brands and categories, you can refer to our previous article, which provides a detailed guide on the steps to take to expand your selling potential on Amazon by becoming ungated. 


Get the FREE Ultimate Amazon Ungating Guide

This Ultimate Amazon Ungating Guide is based on my own experience selling through Amazon Arbitrage. I discuss what ungating is and why it happens, and list down how I ungate profitable categories and brands to  help you in your business.

Where to look?

Importance of choosing the right website: where to look

When sourcing deals as an Amazon seller, you will rely on online stores. There are two main types of websites where you can find these deals: retail websites and brand websites.

Brand websites are those that sell products under their own brand name. For instance, Boots is a brand website that specializes in beauty products and can offer potential opportunities for Amazon sellers. 


On the other hand, retail websites function as online stores that offer a diverse range of retail products, similar to physical grocery stores. Walmart is a prominent example of a retail website that provides opportunities for online arbitrage deals that can be sold on Amazon. Understanding the difference between these two types of websites can help you better identify and evaluate potential deals for your Amazon business. 

Top 100 Websites in US for Amazon Product Sourcing

We recognize that sourcing products to sell on Amazon is one of the most significant challenges for any Amazon business. Online arbitrage has emerged as a popular method for finding profitable deals, but it can be overwhelming to know where to start looking. To address this challenge, we have created a Top 100 Websites in US, designed specifically for the USA marketplace.


We have invested numerous hours researching and compiling a list of the Top 100 websites that offer profitable deals for Amazon sellers. This list has been instrumental in growing our own Amazon business to 7 figures in the USA marketplace.


Our list comprises a range of stores and marketplaces, making it easy for you to begin sourcing deals immediately. We offer both a FREE and paid version of our top 100 websites. The free version provides a list of stores and their websites, while the paid version includes more detailed information and resources.

top 100 online arbitrage websites amazon usa


How do I choose the right website?

Choosing the right website actually depends on what your goal is. Remember that your ROI and profit margins are set for a reason and following that will provide you with great results. One effective way to consider reputable wholesale marketplaces, online retailers, retail websites, and online stores. Don’t forget to research and evaluate each website’s product range, pricing, and reputation to identify the best fit for your business needs. 


Also, learn from the experts. Successful Amazon sellers can serve as an excellent source of inspiration for those starting out. By studying their experiences, you can gain valuable insights into the industry and learn from their mistakes. It is important to pay close attention to what made their product successful in a competitive marketplace, as this can offer guidance on how to choose and market products effectively.

Common mistakes to avoid when sourcing

  1. Not calculating your profit margins
  2. Underpricing your products
  3. Choosing a narrow niche
  4. Neglecting product improvement

Grow your Amazon business with our Top 100 Websites!

Finding leads for Amazon FBA can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Our mission is to equip you with the knowledge and understanding necessary to streamline this process, enabling you to save time and work more efficiently.


If you want more product sourcing tips and tricks, you can also read our previous article about my top 2 sourcing methods to help you learn more about finding products to sell in your online arbitrage business.

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