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Top Amazon Seller

with our intensive 'done with you service' helping you to build and grow your own Amazon business by reselling profitable products


In Just 2 Hours A Day

Our program is structured to give you everything you need to setup and start getting sales within just 5 weeks, whilst learning for just 2 hours per day. 

This allows you to build your business on the side, while dealing with other commitments like work and personal time.

What Our Members Say

Ben Trickett

I recently signed up for the VA academy, and the experience so far has far exceeded my expectations. The VA that Fasttrack recruited is professional, intelligent, and very hard-working.

Seth Baker

1 have used Fast Track numerous times to hire VAs over the past 18 months and their service has always been impeccable. The VAs I have hired are still working for me and are performing superbly.

Ravi Seeni

Great team very helpful and knowledgeable, I was skeptical at first but then quickly realized I was in good hands and had made the right decision.

Amy Young

Excellent experience and excellent service. Very helpful throughout the whole process and the outcome exceeded expectations. Business is booming thanks to Fas Track FBA.

Maxwell G

We've been using various Fast Track Services for almost 3 months now and had a brilliant experience. We've found their VA hiring service to be the best in the industry, which is largely driven by the fantastic support and aftercare provided.

What You Will Learn

How To Build An Amazon Business

We will show you, step by step, how to build your Amazon business from scratch, the Fast Track FBA Way.

All the tools and systems you need

We understand that life can be very busy, so all our services are simple, time-saving and allow you to grow your business.

How to find profitable products to resell

Know that you are in safe hands when it comes to working with us with our focus on delivering impeccable service.

How to Measure your profits

Get a firm grip on the accounting skills and seller tools that accurately track your finances to make smarter decisions.

How to maintain it in less time

Daily tasks are made more efficient with easy to use templates to help you stay organized and on track in your journey.

Where to Take this business next

Learn the financing and security strategies that will direct your business to a clear path moving forward.

How It Works When You Join

1 - Your Success Plan

This program is designed to be easy to follow with goals for each week and avoid common beginner mistakes.

With clearly set goals, you won't have to worry about anything unnecessary. Each week, you are conquering only what is relevant to the process.

2 - Learn The Skills With Over 80 Training Sessions

The training sessions are set step by step to ensure you follow the right order of setting up your Amazon business. Learn the skills and strategies from our experienced team.

3 - Implement Like A Pro

Tackle issues with confidence as our trained team is ready to provide support.

Simply follow the training session and take a few minutes to practice what you learn from our quick and concise material.

4 - Get Plugged In

Our Facebook Community is chock-full of thousands of answers to the most frequently asked questions (and supportive members), plus, you can ask new ones and get my feedback personally (just make sure to tag me). You can ask questions, get involved and access news, updates, live videos, tips, advice and so much more.

5 - Stay On Your Game

While you’re working through the curriculum, we’ll send you a new resource every single week You’ll never fall behind on what’s ‘working now.”
Plus, we’re constantly listening so you can request a new resource anytime and we’ll add it to our resource schedule.

Our Story

Founded in 2019, Thomas is a two x 7-figure Amazon seller for a number of years and wanted to improve on the services that fellow Amazon sellers were using.

He started his own business to support Amazon sellers in their journey, helping them to scale, just like he was doing.

Top Amazon Seller Program

The 'done with you service' helping you to build a profitable Amazon reselling business

Special Package

Total Package Value $10,191

Start Today For Just

Normally $97 Per Month

$97 Per Month

We believe in our product so much that if you are not 100% happy, you can get 100% of your money back
We understand that learning can be hard and finding the right academy can be risky. That is why we have spent the last 2 years developing our products and services, that we have full confidence in their ability to help you.
This is why we have given you a ‘No Questions Asked',  15 day money back guarantee.
Simply send us an email or get in contact with our support, let us know your problems and request a refund, within the first 15 days and we will process that straight away for you.

Got Questions? Talk To Us

Frequently Asked Questions

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The program aims to teach you everything you need to know, step by step in starting your own Amazon business within a few weeks.

The program is for anyone who is determined to start selling on Amazon, even without experience. Want to be selling over 10,000 per month on Amazon whilst working remotely, this program is ideal for you

The program is structured to first, help you get the accounts, tools, and necessary paperwork to start on Amazon. Next, you’ll learn about the Amazon marketplace, the jargon and the business model. Then you’ll start learning how to source, the tips and strategies on finding deals to get your inventory going. This will pave the way for your first shipment, so you’ll learn everyday admin tasks like how to manage inventory and deal with shipments. Then you will be introduced to purchasing for the continuity of your stock and selling them. Lastly, you will learn the best practices to effectively manage your now-organized processes to start scaling, maintain operations and achieve growth.
Allotting a few hours daily to learn the modules and practice them will help you progress faster. Being serious, determined to make the business work, and consistent about following through with the goals set by the course, as well as being organized will help you maximize the benefits of this course.
The Top Seller Program is aimed toward people who have not started yet, or who have been selling to up to 1 year. The program has taken all our best educational content pieces and matched that with our in-house Amazon expert training team to provide you with all the knowledge you need to get started and grow as a solo Amazon seller.

The Seller Systems Academy is designed for people who have been selling for over a year, currently have one more VAs and are looking for high-level systems to scale the business and extract themselves.

The program is designed to take you 5 weeks when strictly followed. Though completion of the program varies on your progress with hands-on practice on your business. Buying the program entitles you to life-time access to the entire program, and is subject to relevant updates. You can come back to the program when in need of a refresher.

Yes. The learning process continues even when the training is over. You have access to:
  • Post-training follow-up sessions - You can book for a call, send us an email, or message us via Facebook if you need us to provide you with refresher courses or supplementary lessons.
  • Aftercare support with 1hr support calls per week
You will be trained to use Keepa, Google Sheets, Amazon Seller Central, Seller ToolKit, SellerAmp SAS, and Fast Track FBA Ultimate Sourcing Sheet.

We offer a 15-day, no-questions-asked-refund. You can book a FREE 30-minute call to give you a full understanding of the program structure before you purchase.

We ask for 2 hours per day, Monday to Friday to learn the content + a further 10 hours per week to action the learning. Addition to this we recommend you start with atleast $1,000 or £1,000 in spare funds to purchase stock.