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How I made £1,849.14 from Cashback

Cashback is a perk offered by many cashback sites when you shop through them. For every purchase, you get a percentage of what you've paid BACK. It's a perk worthy to be explored when sourcing products to sell on Amazon.

In this video, I give Top Tips on how to take advantage of cashback:


? Consider cashback as a breezy bonus and should not be included in your calculations when sourcing products. Make sure that what you buy through cashback has all the qualities or characteristics that you want before purchasing it (ROI and Profit) and not the other way around.

? Monitor your cashback. Don't let it stay in your account for too long. Get it out, withdraw the money as soon as you receive it.

? Cashbacks can sometimes work with vouchers. Watch out for deals that allow you to use cashback plus voucher!

? Cashbacks can be rejected or denied, so be careful.

? Keep an eye on your cashback because you may also convert it to vouchers. Use these vouchers to buy your next deals.

? When you find a good product at a cashback site, don't purchase it yet. Go to the product's actual website and put the product into the basket. Then close the website and go back to your cashback site. Click cashback and it will direct you to the product's website again, but this time, you don't have to put products in the basket because it's already there.


Now proceed to checkout. I follow this tip all the time because I want my cashback link to be tracked. When you do it the other way around and analyze the product using many sites, the cashback or referral link gets lost in the process. This may cause your cashback to get rejected.

It's your time to explore! Try using this perk and Visit Top Cashback now ? https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/acquired_business