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Top Tips for Stopping Discrepancies with your Amazon FBA Shipments

Running an Amazon business can be expensive because you are moving so much stock all the time. Things can easily go missing at all stages of your process and these losses really add up. Its a good idea to ensure you carry out best practice within every part of your business to maximise your profits.

Amazon FBA Shipment Top Tips

Here are our top tips we use to ensure that we can account for all stock going to Amazon’s warehouse's and when something doesn’t add up, we can easily request for Amazon to reimburse us.
  1. When you build a shipment, ensure you are always entering what is exactly going in each box, on the shipment page, screenshot page above
  2. Weigh each box and record that on the shipment page (see image above). This is super important to get right as you use the weight to prove what was in the box if anything goes missing
  3. Take photos of what is in each box before you seal it and ship it. This great to have photographic evidence to prove what you packed
  4. Wait for every shipment to arrive into Amazon and monitor. We do this every Monday as a habit and Monday admin
  5. 30 days after your shipment has arrived you should be able to ask for an investigation into any differences between the stated shipped amount and the received amount. Make sure you do this.
  6. Wait for them to come back, normally they are good as they automatically use the box weight to check the contents
  7. If this does not come back right then reopen the case with your calculations of the box items and how the weights of each product equal the box total plus a small amount more for the weight of the box. Here is where you add any images of the unsealed box with the items in it.
  8. You don't have to do this, but we challenge any overs, IE they have given us free stock as we have found that they later take these back off you and any sales that went with this stock.