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Amazon Management Sheet

Enhance your business with our Amazon API-connected intelligent management sheet: source, purchase, track, analyze, reorder, and gain insights, all customizable to your needs.

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Grow Your Business in Four Steps

Record & Track Your Purchases

Record purchases and upload to Amazon Seller Central with our API connection

Manage and Analyze Purchases

Monitor purchases, discrepancies, profits, and ROI from VAs or suppliers

Automate and Get Insights On Demand

Analyze team & VA sales and build our own reports all from our API data

Restock Products Management

Track out-of-stock items, easily access Amazon links for analysis, and know your top 100 ASINS.


We have been working with five and six-figure sellers to understand what actions gave them the most benefits. We have taken that learning and built the Ultimate Sourcing Sheet to collect the core data that provides these sellers with the information they use to make the best decisions in their business. The Ultimate Sourcing Sheet supports you in collecting the data you need to scale your business and it automatically creates the intelligence and insights you need in order to work smarter not harder.  

Do for your business?

What Our Customers Say

Luke Filer

Based on my experience of using it for over 6 months, I highly recommend the Ultimate Sourcing Sheet to anyone who takes their Amazon business seriously.

Michelle Mclean

The Ultimate Sourcing Sheet is a must have if you want to save a hell lot of time, grow your business and don't want to be messing with admin tasks and/ or don't have the time.

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Shiraz Ayub

Very quick response to my query and fixed

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Zelie Rombaoa

Their Ultimate Sourcing Sheet is a great tool to have for Online Arbitrage Sellers. Would save you so much time uploading listings and shipments.

Callum McDonald

It has saved me hours in the short few weeks I have been using the sheet just in listing and labelling my products.


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$ 250
$ 250


 The Ultimate Sourcing Sheet supports you in collecting the data you need to scale your business and it automatically creates the intelligence and insights you need to work smarter not harder.  

Things to know before you purchase the USS sheet!

Frequently Asked Questions

The sheet is user-friendly, resembling your deal sheet where you document all your purchased items. It also includes a feature that automatically saves data, providing a record history of edits for each cell.
It varies; if you already possess a deal sheet containing all your purchased items, you can simply establish an import range formula. However, it is advisable to copy and paste the data for a more secure approach.
You will know your top selling products on the 80/20 sheet, all products are arranged per ASIN by money spent.
The API is the link from your sheet to the Amazon Server, the sheet will get Amazon fees in order to calculate the estimated profit and estimated ROI.
Certainly, you have the option to develop your sheet. However, it's crucial to exercise caution and avoid altering the formula template to prevent any disruptions. In the event that your USS stops working, the only recourse would be to download the template again.
The new version of USS comes with several valuable inclusions, including:

  • USS-STK Cogs
  • USS-STK Repricer
  • Cashback Monitoring Add-On
  • Cancellation Rate Add-On
  • VAPS2 (VA Actual Profit Sheet Version 2)
  • VA Daily Report Version 2

These add-ons enhance the functionality and capabilities of USS, providing you with even more powerful tools for your tasks and analysis.
The API access is £50/$68 per year for normal usage with the USS
You can oversee your orders through the "Reorders" tab. When your USS is configured accurately, the import from your Amazon Seller Central to your USS occurs automatically on a daily basis. The "Reorders" tab will prompt you to reorder an item if it has zero stocks. Additionally, you can filter items based on their status. We've included links from the store where you made the purchase, the Amazon listing link for analysis, and the buy box price of the item.
The Listing Loader is a template for uploading your inventory on Amazon in bulk, meaning compared to manual uploading of listing on Amazon, this can save you too much time, you just need to add “y” on the items (In bulk) on the buy sheet, then follow some extra steps then just leave it while uploading, you can even do another task if you want and just get back when it is done.
A custom SKU is a unique number assigned by the seller when listing an item. This is a number that only you can see, and you use it to track and organize your Amazon business. The Ultimate sourcing sheet automatically provides this on the sheet where later on when you have sales for a particular item, you can monitor them.
Yes, everything is covered by our 15 day policy.
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