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Build Intelligence & Get Insights into your Amazon Arbitrage Business using the Ultimate Sourcing Sheet

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We have been working with five and six-figure sellers to understand what actions gave them the most benefits. We have taken that learning and built the Ultimate Sourcing Sheet to collect the core data that provides these sellers with the information they use to make the best decisions in their business. The Ultimate Sourcing Sheet supports you in collecting the data you need to scale your business and it automatically creates the intelligence and insights you need in order to work smarter not harder.  

Do for your business?

A Simple Workflow For Purchasing Your Stock

Our sheet makes managing your stock a breeze. No need to copy and paste cells, we walk you through everything you need to do to get a product purchased one simple page. Even reminding you to use cash back.

Control Your Stock Using Custom SKU's and our auto Listing Loader Builder

Set the VAT rates and create auto listing loaders and ship loaders to save you time and effort in the managing stock. Automatically create custom SKU's which record the sourcing method, buy an estimated sale price in which VA found a deal.

Protect your Purchases and don't lose track of stock ordered

Our buy sheet allows you to track all deliveries, ensuring everything you paid for arrives. Record notes about chasing suppliers for missing stocks, and also fetch invoices to support your book keeping.

What Our Users Say

Based on my experience of using it for over 6 months, I highly recommend the Ultimate Sourcing Sheet to anyone who takes their Amazon business seriously. Not only will it save you a lot of time, but it will help with the organisation of your business. The analysis the sheet does will allow you to increase sales and profitability. There are so many awesome features that it'd take too long to list them all here... This is an investment in your business that you'll be seeing a return on almost straight away, and for a long time thereafter!

Luke Filer

When I first saw that the USS assisted with uploading listings and shipping templates it was an absolute no brainer for me! My biggest frustration with Amazon is all the manual clicking of uploading products and shipments and I knew that there had to be a more streamlined way - the fact that this isn’t even the USS’ main objective but an additional bonus is fantastic. It has saved me hours in the short few weeks I have been using the sheet just in listing and labelling my products. The sheet has also enabled me to implement a variety of other things into my arbitrage business such as smart sku’s, a nice profit challenge between me and my partner and provided heaps of analytics on my purchases and where I need to focus my attention. This sheet has truly allowed me to start the transition into working on my business rather than in my business and the support from the team and Patrick has been invaluable.

Callum McDonald

The Ultimate Sourcing Sheet is a must have if you want to save a hell lot of time, grow your business and don't want to be messing with admin tasks and/ or don't have the time. I have already scaled since having this sheet and it is because of these points I use, which by the way is not all the features are on there and always something new to add; What I love is that once I have used my sourcing tool (SAS) and click add to buy a sheet, this updates the USS sheet, My Cogs, My Prep Sheet and much more! Winner! No more manual work or time wasting. To be honest I can go on and on but just get it... you won't look back.

Michelle Mclean

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     The Ultimate Sourcing Sheet supports you in collecting the data you need to scale your business and it automatically creates the intelligence and insights you need to work smarter not harder.  

    Not at all, we have designed and tested this sheet with many users. We have made the layout simple and easy to understand. Not only that but we support you with a number of in-depth training videos and you also have the support team who you can book in a session to fix any problems or ask questions.

    No, if you already logged your item to your buy sheet then everything else are automatic, you just have to press one icon to change the settings.

    We identify your top-selling products on the 80/20 sheet, it is sorted by the top 100 ASIN that you spend your money on from the buy sheet.

    The API is a connection for your sheet to our FastTrack FBA Data center. Our servers are connected to Amazon 24/7 collecting pricing and fee information all the time. We in turn pass this information back to your sheet allow you to work the profit and ROI on your deals. To manage fair usage across the sheets we have fair usage restrictions in place and we are only able to return pricing information, not automatically return sales and restock information.


    Yes, you can. We even teach you on how to integrate it on our sheet. Although, we do not recommend this since you have to be very careful not to mess  with the formulas. 


    The API access is £50 per year for normal usage with the USS


    You can manage your orders on the buy sheet. It shows you a lot of details about your purchased item, like your total spent on the item, your expected profit and ROI, the Amazon link of the product, total estimated profit, the name of the store, your custom SKU and you can load your listings to Amazon in just a few steps ,and lastly it is your invoice which helps you with reconciliation.


    A listing loader is a tool that allows you to sell products that are already listed in the market place catalogue. It is through matching the products from your catalogue with corresponding products that sellers have already sold in Amazon.  The best part is that, the Ultimate Sourcing Sheet allows you todo this this in just a few simple steps compared to the Amazon listing loader and you wouldn't have to worry about forgetting the steps, as we also have instructions ready for you on the set-t up sheet in case you forget the process.


    It is a unique number assigned by the seller when listing an item. This is a number that only you can see, and you use it to track and organize your Amazon business.


    You will received 5 support calls after the purchase that is valid for 2 months.


    If you do not use your support calls within 2 months after purchase, these will expire, so make sure you maximize them.