Save Time & Make More Money on Amazon with a Virtual Assistant

Get the Fast Track FBA standard of virtual assistant hiring and training for your business 

Your New Life With A Virtual Assistant

Your new VA makes you money whilst you sleep, finding you deals

With a virtual assistant, you outsource the slow and labour intensive process of looking for Amazon arbitrage deals. Your new virtual assistant will be trained in all the methods to find deals every day, allowing you to grow your Amazon business and make more money.

Get deals to your inbox everyday when you wake up

 Your new virtual assistant will be searching the top stores for deals that meet your criteria whilst you sleep. With training provided by Fast Track FBA, they will know what deals work for you and where to find them.

Saving you time and allowing you to focus on scaling on your business

Start working on your business and not in it! You need to be focusing on growing your operation, not doing the day to day work. A growing business is a team of people. With a Virtual Assistant trained by Fast Track FBA, you can rest assured that your new team member is adding real value to your business and giving you your time back.

Build your business and achieve success in life

Build your team, get more deals, make more money, work on your business and build the life you want. It all starts with hiring that first member of staff.

Scale Your Business & Achieve Success

How We Do It ... The Hiring Process

We craft a unique advert for your job role

Get the best candidates in the market to apply for your role.  We that attract the top candidates, with our years of experience in crafting job adverts. We engage the candidates that allow you to scale your business.

We pre-screen the applicants with our bespoke tests

We ensure only the best candidates are progressed to interview.  With our custom written tests, we can spot the candidates who will excel with the repetive nature of the work, work quickly and who have the abilty to think for themselves.

We use the data to select the best applicants to interview

Get the data, to make an informed decision on whom to interview. Using the data we gain from testing, we can reduce the chances of you hiring a poor performing virtual assistant. Using our advanced insights we are able to understand who is going to be the best for your business.

We put the contracts together and get all the paperwork signed for you

Get your new virtual assistant started on the right track with our professional contracts and job descriptions. We will create the required documents for you and send them to you and your new virtual assistant, saving you time and hassle. We cover everything from the contract and job description to non disclosure agreements, giving you peace of mind.

How We Do It... The Training Process

Put your new VA through our VA Training Programme

Get the Fast Track FBA standard training programme as used by the Fast Track FBA sourcers. Developed over time to bring experienced and new Amazon arbitrage sourcers up to speed on the Amazon eco system. We start with the basics, such as understanding how Amazon works and the marketplace. We look into the detail of the business model behind Amazon arbitrage and how it operates for both the business owner and the virtual assitant. We want them to learn not only the "how" but the "why" behind their actions.

We teach the fundamentals of Amazon first

Ensure your virtual assistant understands the fundamentals of the Amazon marketplace and how to sell on it. We give them an in-depth understanding of the buy box, buy box rotation, FBM, SFP, FBA and how the whole process works. We ensure your virtual assistant knows how to get deals that work by understanding the eligibility to sell, hazmat, ROI, profit and your deal criteria. 

We get them setup and trained on the tools you use, the right way

We equip your virtual assistant with the right tools and training. Our course teaches how to use the top three sourcing tools: FBA Multi Tool, BBP and SAS. Along with top tips and tricks in their setup, we speed up their sourcing with video guides showing the best practice.

We teach your VA the basics and more of Keepa graphs and how to understand the data

We build an advanced level of understanding in the use of Keepa, through video demonstrations, quizzes and practice sessions.  We teach them how to read graphs, reviewing the deals over time, understanding if Amazon is sharing the buy box and much more.   

Regular guided practice and targeted quizzes to build knowledge

Our course ensures your virtual assistant absorbs all training with regular guided practice sessions and quizzes. We show them the "best practice" in action with regular recorded 'Source With Me' sessions and speed up their sourcing success with our '5 Steps to speeding up deal analysis' process.  

Only then are they ready to source deals for you

We teach them how to source, by equipping your virtual assistant with the tools, strategies, documents and suppliers to get sourcing from day one.   

See The Full Course Outline

How We Do It... The VA ACADEMY

Your VA has completed training...  Now we test to find gaps in their knowledge

We understand everyone learns in a different way and at different speeds, so our "VA ACADEMY" tests for gaps in this knowledge and focuses on these missing areas.    

We embed your new VA within the Fast Track FBA Team

We test your VA against the Fast Track FBA sourcing team. We challenge them to beat our team when sourcing from the same stores and categories. We get the data to confirm their speed and knowledge.  

We test, monitor and refine their knowledge to make them an expert

By running our daily standardised tests with your virtual assistant, we find and correct those final issues. We look at the whole process.  From daily sourcing setup, sourcing process, methodology, speed and results, to ensure you are getting a virtual assistant who will accelerate your business growth.   

We put this all together and give you an expertly trained VA to make you MONEY!

Only when we are happy will we sign them off. You get your fully trained virtual assistant along with detailed information about their performance and training. You can feel safe in the knowledge that your virtual assistant has been trained to the highest standard.

What Our Clients & VA's Say

1st week feedback - I was able to source 50 deals, but only 41 of these were successful and have been purchased. There are 11 more deals that have been placed to monitor. I got a good feedback from my client for my first week. Thanks for all your help! Have a nice weekend :)

During VA's first week : Hi Thomas, really positive day today. My VA found over 10 deals and went back through the Pets at home store with my discount. Please pass on my gratitude to the team as I know they had a chat with him last night. Thanks

Absolutely brilliant service! Not only does Thomas do all the interviews, he also does his best to get to know about you and your business *before* the interviews have even started.

Good day! Thanks everyone for all the help. It has been a great training, it's profound yet easy to understand. With your support, we managed to finish the course and we will not stop learning from here!

Product Sourcing VA
Chris West
Luka Jean
Product Sourcing VA

  • VA Academy
  • Online Course

VA Velocity  - Manual Sourcing - Online Training course

Accelerate and train your virtual assistant to the Fast Track FBA standard in manual sourcing for Amazon arbitrage. The "VA Velocity" training course will take them from knowing nothing about Amazon arbitrage through to a knowledgable and experienced manual sourcer, who will deliver you deals.

  • Foundation knowledge of Amazon
  • Training on the marketplace
  • Sourcing without tools
  • Introduction to sourcing with tools
  • Covers FBA Multi-Tool, BBP and SAS
  • In-depth Keepa training
  • Online quizzes to test learning
  • Targeted praticed sessions to embed knowledge
  • Training different types of deals
  • Bundles, vouchers & more covered
  • Brand & IP awareness training
  • Advance strategies and plans taught
  • 100 Store URLs to source from
  • Targeted practised sessions to embed knowledge
  • "Watch me Source" recorded sourcing
  • and much much more... see the full course outline here

only £247

Get the course to super charge your VA training

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