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VAA Philippines Alternative

In this Article, We will Look into VAA Philippines and its Alternative

For aspiring Virtual Assistants looking to step into the world of Amazon, VAA offers a unique opportunity. The academy not only provides training but also connects VA aspirants with Amazon sellers, bridging the gap between skills and opportunities.


VAA stands as a testament to the transformative power of tailored Virtual Assistant services, proving that when expertise meets commitment, the result is a harmonious synergy that propels Amazon businesses to greater heights.

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All About VAA(Virtual Assistant Academy)

Established in 2017 by the dynamic duo, Gilad and Hila Freimann, who boasts a thriving private label Amazon business of their own, VAA is the world's sole company dedicated to crafting Virtual Assistant solutions for Amazon sellers. Their journey began when the demands of their expanding business necessitated additional support. A quest for a reliable Virtual Assistant in the Philippines led them to a pivotal realization: there had to be a better way for Amazon sellers to discover skilled and trustworthy VAs.


  • Specialization for Amazon Sellers: VAA is exclusively dedicated to providing Virtual Assistant services tailored specifically for Amazon sellers, ensuring a deep understanding of the platform's unique needs.

  • Founded by Successful Amazon Sellers: Founded in 2017 by Gilad and Hila Freimann, experienced private-label Amazon sellers, VAA's origins stem from real-world challenges, guaranteeing insights grounded in practical experience.

  • Ongoing Professional Development: VAA fosters continuous professional development for its VAs, ensuring they stay updated with the evolving landscape of Amazon.

  • Warm and Supportive Community: VAA creates a warm and supportive community, offering a collaborative environment for VAs and Amazon sellers alike.


  • Single Platform Specialization: While VAA excels in Amazon-related services, its specialization is limited to this platform.

  • Dependency on Onboarding Management: The process heavily relies on the effectiveness of the on-the-ground management team in the Philippines. Any shortcomings in this area could impact the quality of matched VAs.

Be Part of VAA Philippines

Selection, Evaluation & Training: Their Virtual Assistants are meticulously chosen based on their dedication, expertise, and service mindset. They undergo comprehensive professional assessments and training to guarantee the delivery of services at the highest quality. Visit VAA Philippines to be one of them.

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The Fast Track FBA


Fast Track serves as a Virtual Assistant company for VA aspirants to enter the world of Amazon business support with a comprehensive training program, networking opportunities, and the potential for long-term collaborations. The one-time payment structure, replacement guarantee, and emphasis on continuous learning make Fast Track an appealing option for those aspiring to thrive as Amazon Virtual Assistants.


Fast Track is a comprehensive program designed to facilitate Amazon's business operations by providing specialized virtual assistants. These VAs are trained to navigate the intricacies of Amazon's operational landscape and offer support to sellers.


  • Positive Testimonials: Positive testimonials from individuals who have experienced Fast Track as Virtual Assistants highlight the program's effectiveness. The testimonials emphasize the quality of training, support, and overall experience with Fast Track.

  • Comprehensive Training Package: Virtual Assistant aspirants receive a comprehensive training package that includes onboarding materials, access to specialized training courses, an owner-operator handbook, and ongoing support. This holistic approach prepares VAs for success in supporting Amazon sellers.

  • Immediate Access to Opportunities: Virtual Assistant aspirants in the Fast Track program gain instant access to opportunities to work as dedicated VAs for Amazon sellers. This can expedite their entry into the field and increase their chances of securing a position.

  • 12-Week Unlimited Replacement Guarantee: The 12-week unlimited replacement guarantee demonstrates Fast Track's commitment to ensuring a successful match between VA aspirants and Amazon sellers. It provides a safety net for both parties during the initial stages of collaboration.


  • Fast-Paced Approach: The fast-track nature of the program might not be suitable for VA aspirants who prefer a more gradual learning curve. It necessitates quick adaptation to operational strategies.

  • Intensive Onboarding Process: The onboarding process, though thorough, may be intensive for some VA aspirants. It requires a commitment during the initial stages to align business goals and expectations.

Apply Now at Fast Track FBA

Fast Track leverages the founders' direct experience as successful Amazon sellers, offering VA aspirants valuable insights and practical knowledge. This exposure to operational expertise can significantly contribute to the aspirants' professional development.

Fast Track offers significant advantages for VA aspirants, including specialized training, immediate access to opportunities, and ongoing support. Visit https://fasttrackfba.com/

My thoughts?

Both VAA Philippines and Fast Track FBA offer specialized VA services for Amazon sellers, each with its unique strengths. VAA emphasizes a comprehensive selection and training process, while Fast Track FBA highlights operational arbitrage mastery and a time-efficient approach to VA management. Choosing between them may depend on the specific needs and preferences of individual Amazon sellers.


Both VAA Philippines and Fast Track FBA bring unique strengths to the table. The choice between the two may ultimately depend on the specific needs, preferences, and priorities of individual Amazon sellers. Whether prioritizing a global reach, adaptability to market changes, or operational efficiency, sellers have the opportunity to choose a service that aligns closely with their business goals.

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