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Virtual Assistants Reseller: Enhancing Your Reselling Business with Professional Virtual Support

In this article, discover the key benefits of having a Virtual Assistants Reseller.

If you are an online reseller operating on platforms like eBay, Amazon, and other online resale marketplaces, you may have encountered a common obstacle, and that is – the limitation of time. Whether you are managing your reselling journey part-time or as a full-time business owner, you've likely realized that your productivity has its limits as a lone individual. To expand and flourish in the reselling industry, outsourcing certain tasks becomes essential.

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Employing traditional staff members comes with a host of complexities, including workspace requirements, trust concerns, recruitment procedures, payroll management, employee benefits, insurance obligations, tax implications, and legal liabilities. Before leaping into the realm of hiring employees, it's worth considering an alternative solution to aid in the growth and scalability of your reselling business: virtual assistants (VAs).

What is a Virtual Assistants Reseller or VA?

Virtual Assistants offer a valuable resource to assist in managing and expanding your reselling operations. These remote professionals can support various aspects of your business, such as product sourcing, inventory management, customer service, order fulfillment, social media marketing, and administrative tasks. Leveraging the expertise and assistance of a virtual assistant, you can effectively increase your productivity, free up your time, and focus on the core aspects of your reselling business.


Collaborating with a virtual assistant brings numerous benefits without the complexities associated with traditional employment. As independent contractors, virtual assistants operate remotely, eliminating the need for a dedicated workspace and in-person supervision. Additionally, you can find virtual assistants with specialized skills and experience in the reselling industry, ensuring they understand the unique dynamics and requirements of your business.

What can Virtual Assistants do?

It is important to find a virtual assistant who can efficiently handle the specific tasks you require, especially those that you dislike, struggle with, or hinder your productivity, but are necessary to be completed. Although there are more tasks that virtual assistant resellers can do for you, in this part, we will focus on 3 roles that are commonly fulfilled by these professionals.


They are responsible for providing valuable support in managing your procurement process. They handle key responsibilities, such as reviewing leads, analyzing purchase risks, maintaining purchase records, sending daily reports, and monitoring purchase profitability.

Product Sourcing

We widely acknowledged this task as a challenging and time-consuming aspect of any reselling business. To address this demanding task, hiring a dedicated virtual assistant can prove invaluable. Furthermore, they can provide assistance in conducting research on potential products for future sales. As they dive into the target market, analyze the competition, identify trends, and provide insights into top-selling products. This knowledge and information will equip you with an understanding of how to expand your business and make informed decisions regarding product selection.

Administrative Tasks

They can handle various administrative tasks that are repetitive and straightforward. They excel in critical areas, such as managing accounts and shipments, overseeing inventory, optimizing product listings, generating and maintaining reports, as well as handling orders. You can efficiently manage these essential processes, ensuring seamless operations.

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Do you need Virtual Assistants?

The answer to this solely depends on you.


If you're a solo entrepreneur seeking to scale your business while maximizing productivity, then the answer is yes. Investing in labor is a significant business decision that requires careful consideration of the return on investment (ROI). The goal is for the virtual assistant to generate more value for your business than the cost of their services.

Assessing the financial impact involves analyzing current earnings, estimating the expenses associated with hiring a virtual assistant, evaluating the time required for training, and determining if the quality and quantity of their work justifies the cost. Measuring the ROI becomes crucial in this process.


It is important to note that not everything is strictly black and white. Hiring a virtual assistant can be an ideal solution if it relieves you from tasks you dislike or are time-consuming. On the other hand, if a virtual assistant cannot perform tasks with the same efficiency and quality as you, it may not be worth the investment.

Pros of having Virtual Assistants Reseller

Improved Productivity and Consistency

By giving the tasks to your virtual assistant, you can divert your attention towards business expansion, boosting productivity, and generating higher revenue.


Choosing to hire a virtual assistant can offer cost-saving advantages compared to hiring a full-time employee. You also have the flexibility to pay only for the hours worked, resulting in potential long-term savings.

Time Savings

Assigning tasks to your virtual assistant will give you more time for yourself, your business, or even your family.

Cons of having Virtual Assistants Reseller

Security Concerns

Of course, disclosing sensitive information about your business can present a potential security vulnerability.

Communication Issues

As mentioned earlier, clear communication is essential when collaborating with a virtual assistant to minimize the risk of miscommunication and ensure that they fully comprehend their assigned tasks and responsibilities. It is also important to consider the potential language barrier, especially when working with a virtual assistant from a different country or linguistic background.


Time for training

Training is an essential aspect to consider when working with a VA. Allocating time for training allows the virtual assistant to familiarize themselves with your business processes, systems, and expectations. It provides an opportunity to provide guidance, clarify responsibilities, and ensure that the virtual assistant is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their task effectively. And of course, this takes time.

Where to find Virtual Assistants

If you've decided to hire a virtual assistant, there are three primary avenues you can explore for finding and hiring them.

Freelance marketplaces

This is ideal for gig-based per-job hires, providing a do-it-yourself approach. Within freelance marketplaces, there are two main types. The job advertisement type involves posting a job or task adverts, and freelancers respond to your posting. Examples of platforms include Onlinejobs.ph and Upwork.


The second type within freelance marketplaces is the gig type, wherein virtual assistants showcase their skills through posted gigs, you can hire freelancers that best fit your requirements. Platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr offer this type of gig-based hiring.

Virtual Assistant Agencies

These are agencies that specialize in providing different virtual assistants to clients. These agencies take on the task of finding suitable VAs for you, saving you time and effort in the hiring process. They have expertise in hiring and alleviating the pressure of finding a virtual assistant independently.


This is a straightforward approach to finding and hiring a VA. By reaching out to your network and asking for recommendations, you can tap into the experiences of others. You can also join resellers' Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Slack, and similar platforms that will allow you to post your specific requirements and seek the best recommendations from the community.

Are you ready to hire your own virtual assistants?

If you're seeking to enhance the efficiency and growth of your reselling business, hiring a virtual assistant reseller can be a game-changer. You can delegate time-consuming tasks, increase productivity, and focus on strategic aspects of your business. Take the step to empower your reselling business and unlock its full potential by partnering with a virtual assistant. Together, you can achieve remarkable results and reach new heights of success.

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