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What is a VA for Amazon FBA?

In this article, let us go through what is a VA for Amazon FBA.

You're here because you're seeking to learn more about virtual assistants (VAs) and their potential benefits. You already recognize that having VAs can significantly propel your business to new heights, but you may be uncertain about how to proceed and effectively utilize their services. And yes, you've come to the right place.

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Why hire a VA for Amazon FBA?

Let's start with the basics: an Amazon virtual assistant is a remote professional who handles a range of tasks and responsibilities for your Amazon business.


These skilled virtual assistants provide invaluable support by assisting in product research to identify profitable Amazon resale items. They also handle various administrative tasks, such as managing shipments, handling inventory, listing products, managing FBA orders, and more.


Some Amazon businesses fail, while others succeed due to tiring manual work and time wasted on the job that can be given to someone else.

Where to hire VA for Amazon FBA?

By now, you might have made the decision to hire an Amazon FBA virtual assistant. To assist you in the process, there are three primary avenues where you can find and hire an Amazon FBA virtual assistant.

The first option is utilizing a freelance marketplace

Which is well-suited for gig or per-job hires and offers a do-it-yourself approach. The second option is engaging Amazon virtual assistant agencies, ideal for sellers seeking expert assistance in the hiring process. This approach allows you to leverage the established processes developed by experienced professionals. Lastly, you can explore referrals through social platforms like LinkedIn or community groups, which can provide valuable recommendations.


In the freelance marketplace, there are two types to consider. The first type involves posting a job advertisement where freelancers with suitable skills respond to your post. This includes platforms such as Onlinejobs.ph and Upwork. The second type is the gig-based marketplace, where virtual assistants offer their services, and you can hire freelancers based on your specific requirements. Fiverr and Upwork are examples of gig-based platforms.

Amazon virtual assistant agencies

Are online agencies that specialize in providing various Amazon virtual assistants. These agencies handle finding suitable VAs for you, saving you time and effort in the hiring process. They possess expertise in the hiring process and relieve the pressure of finding a VA on your own.

Another effective approach is seeking referrals

You can leverage your network by requesting recommendations through Amazon-related Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Slack, and other platforms. By clearly stating the skills and requirements you are seeking, you can gather valuable referrals.

Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant Job Description

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How to Interview a VA for Amazon FBA

What can VA for Amazon FBA do for you?

n Fast Track FBA, we prioritize three key tasks that a virtual assistant (VA) for Amazon FBA can handle for you. We will extensively cover these tasks in this section of the article.

What Can Amazon Virtual Assistants Do For You

Product Sourcing and Market Research

Product sourcing is one of the most challenging aspects of running an Amazon business due to its time-consuming nature. To address this challenge effectively, it is crucial to have a dedicated Amazon virtual assistant (VA) who possesses the necessary patience and expertise to identify profitable online arbitrage deals for your business.


Moreover, your VA can play a vital role in conducting market research for future product opportunities. They can analyze competition within the target market, identify current trends, and provide insights into top-selling products. This valuable information empowers you to make informed decisions and strategically expand your business.

Administrative Tasks

An Amazon virtual assistant can provide invaluable support by handling various repetitive and straightforward administrative tasks. Examples include managing accounts and shipments, overseeing inventory management, assisting with product listing, and managing FBA orders.


If you are interested in learning more about the administrative tasks that a VA can handle, we recommend reading our informative article titled How to Train an Admin Virtual Assistant.” This resource offers insights into effective training and utilizing an administrative VA for your Amazon business.


To optimize your purchasing operations, it is crucial to have a dedicated purchasing manager on your team. This invaluable professional will handle various responsibilities, including evaluating online arbitrage deals, performing risk analysis, maintaining records, setting minimum pricing thresholds, generating daily reports, and monitoring profit margins. Their expertise in these areas will significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your purchasing operations.

Amazon Virtual Assistant

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