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What my Typical Week Looks Like with My Team

In this article, I will share my secret to becoming rich

If you're interested in knowing the secret to becoming rich? Of course, you are. The secret I will share with you today is not so much a secret, but a skill that you can develop. It's time management. To know how I do it within my businesses, read on. I discuss how I manage my time and what my typical week looks like with my team.


I suggested time-boxing between me and my team, setting aside specific times for essential tasks, which creates a structure for my workflow. Here's an insight into how I navigate my business.

What my typical week looks like with my team (2)

📌 Four x 1 Hour Meetings

What I do is have four hours a week set of meetings, broken down into 1 hour each. This is because I want to focus on my business and where it is at. And of course, there will be times when we need to schedule emergency meetings, so you need to note that.

I'll go through the meetings I do now.

💡Sunday - 7 PM (8 AM PHT)

This is a set time wherein I do my weekly account meeting. During this call, my Admin VA will tell me exactly what to do. These are step-by-step actions that include going to my Amazon account and taking screenshots and sending them to her. The goal is to gather all the information needed for cash flow calculations and ensure that we always pay the bills and subscriptions on time.


This meeting usually last for 30 minutes to discuss possible questions and problems that require immediate action.

💡Monday - 8 AM

After my first meeting comes the second. This happens at 8 AM on Monday with my purchasing manager. The meeting is a “level 10” meeting format, meaning that we review the activities of last week's activities and track the performance of the team. We also discuss any issues that we need to address coming to the current week.


My second meeting also functions as an accountability check for my purchasing manager. This means that understanding where the business is at so that we'll know where we want to head in the future.

💡Tuesday - 8 AM

We have a development meeting focusing on the training and the growth of the business. My team and I discuss key areas of improvement – pricing, purchasing, strategy, new niches, and last, team-related issues we want to develop and improve.

💡Wednesday - 8 AM

We center this meeting on standards and accountability. During this meeting, I want to go through the check that I do to align my business with the managers to ensure the business is running smoothly as where we want it to be. These could be purchase reviews that will help us understand what is currently happening. I also have a checklist for my team to be accountable for their goal and make sure again that everything is up to standard.

FTF Team

My Fast Track FBA Team

💡Extra 1 hour for meetings

On top of everything, I allot an extra additional hour per week for more spot checks. I mostly operate within the four-time boxes mentioned, but when required, I am flexible to work more.


Please note that if I am required, I will work a lot more where I am needed. Especially when we are going through problems or have to deal with other tasks, aside from checking my emails and forwarding them to the relevant admin or manager.

Allot your time well!

Now, aside from time management, I also have the help of my virtual assistants, which further grows our business by $10,000 per month without me not having to do anything. To know more about what can Amazon virtual assistants can do to help your Amazon business, read our previous article that focuses on that topic.

Amazon Virtual Assistant

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