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What’s new with Online Arbitrage Leads Service 2.0?

Want to know what the fastest way to source online arbitrage leads is? In this article, let’s talk walk you through the basics and share with you the newest feature of our leads service, so stay tuned.

For those who are just starting their Amazon business, we will go through the basics first. What is online arbitrage? It simply means that you buy a product online and sell them on another platform for profit. 

An online arbitrage deal is a product that you, as an Amazon seller finds online and sell for a profit on Amazon. Another simpler term is buying it low and selling it high on Amazon. Now, remember that online arbitrage deals and leads are the same things. And also, the term that we mostly use when looking for online deals is sourcing. You will encounter more of these terms in the long run.

What’s new with Online Arbitrage Leads Service 2.0?

Online Arbitrage Leads Service

For the longest time, Fast track FBA has been offering our Leads Service to all Amazon sellers. Our team of over 20 highly skilled Amazon virtual assistants do the sourcing for you and pick out the best deals any Amazon seller would want. Of course, this caters to both US and UK Amazon sellers. 

We find you all the hottest deals that everyone is missing from stores that other people don’t check. Our team scans over 500 stores just to give you the best leads. Our VA team understands what kind of leads you want and will source more of those leads for you.

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This service also saves you time with advanced filters, category, profit, and Return on Investment (ROI) to get the leads that work for your business. Selling restricted brands will also be out of your worries as we check all our leads through our open-source IP and brand-checking software, saving you time and money. Also, our platform already removes hazard and hazmat leads. More so, you get in-stock leads because our team rechecks them daily, but just in case that happens, you can exchange them within seconds.

We also have a private channel wherein you can always be the first to know about fast-selling leads through our mobile-friendly Slack channel, allowing you to see all the leads the moment they go live on our website. No need to wait for them to be manually entered into the Google Sheets.


Get Leads Service 2.0 Now

For those of you who want to try our great service that is Leads Service 2.0, check it out.

As we all know, online arbitrage leads service makes our life easier. With just a click of a button, you can purchase different deals that match your taste. It saves you hours of manually sourcing numerous websites and suppliers just to get three deals from them. With this service, you get instant access to more profitable deals with much less competition. 

Now, the beloved Leads Service of Fast track FBA, is improved with two new additional features that we know you’ll surely love. In your deals dashboard, you will notice the two new features and of course, we’ll go through them next.

  • Filter by Store (Build a basket)
  • Flash Deals

Filter by Store (Build a basket)

Scanning through our online arbitrage leads service allows you to pick out the deal that would work best for your Amazon business. Choose. Pick. Buy. Simple as that. 

The new feature, however, Filter by Store (Build a basket) offers a new way of sourcing deals with a convenient twist.

The main goal of this feature is to give deal suggestions to the buyer within the same store. Now the question is why and how?

We’ll answer the why first. Why? Since you already purchased a deal from that particular supplier, then most likely, you’ll want to check out what deals that supplier can offer. Ending, wanting to buy more deals from them.

How? As mentioned above, after the usual process of picking out a deal you want. Within 15 mins of purchasing the said deal and returning to the Homepage, it will automatically Build you a basket or Filter by Store

Filter by store

Then, a pop-up message will appear and that’s where the filtering happens. 

Build a basket

The only condition for this feature to appear is first, you have to purchase the deal. And secondly, if the supplier of the purchased deal has more than three live deals. If the supplier only has two to three live deals, this feature will not appear. Why? Because the main goal of this feature as said above is to give you as many suggestions as possible and that wouldn’t happen if the purchased supplier only has two or three deals. We know that you want to source more deals from that specific supplier and that’s what we are going to do.

This now gives you the convenient option of NOT checking leads one by one. It’s a hassle-free feature we know you would love and enjoy. Aside from its convenience, it saves you more time to focus on other important things in your Amazon business. 

Flash Deals

Just like the word itself. Flash Deals. It’s a discount or promotion offered by suppliers for a short period. In this case, we flash leads.

 Any deals with expiring promotions will be placed here. All discounts, sales, coupons, and vouchers that suppliers offer that are nearing the end will be placed in this feature. You will also be able to see the Flash Deal Counter of each available deal so that you’ll be aware of their expiration.

Flash Deal 2

After the leads expire, they will automatically be hidden or closed. Our team of Amazon virtual assistants will then go through the process of reassessing the leads to see if they are still profitable after the end of the discounts. 

You can easily access this part by selecting “Sort” then “Flash Deals”.

What I personally suggest, is to make use of this feature well. Before scanning through our leads list, check this out first. You wouldn’t want to miss a potential lead for it would be such a waste. Just like when you do manual sourcing, the best way to source a supplier is by going through their “Sale” category since prices are cheaper. That would be the same here, except all leads are already filtered by our amazing team or Amazon virtual assistants.

Fast track FBA’s new features are here to help you make the most of your time: gather the most leads in the shortest amount of time possible. And yes, we understand the struggle of looking for online arbitrage leads on a daily basis, so we are here to help you.  If you are interested in this topic and want to know more, you can check out another article of ours named: Online Arbitrage Deal: All You Need to Know Top 100 USA and  Amazon Supplier List: How to Find Stores in Amazon for more information on this matter. You can also check our Youtube Channel for more interesting topics. 

Leads Service 2.0

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