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Who is Casey – Kick Flips? Amazon Seller

In this article, let’s learn from Casey, also known as Kick Flips; what his Amazon journey is like.

I’m going to be sharing with you my interview with someone who will teach us about how scaling works with Amazon, he will be teaching us about particulars about the sneaker game and all around finding other ways of reselling and finding products to sell on Amazon. Who am I referring to? None other than Mr. Casey “Kick Flips” Woodard.


Not only can he teach us ways of streamlining our sourcing process, but he will also be going into detail about a topic I know you may have heard about because it has been a buzzword in the online arbitrage community “botting”.

Who is Casey?

Casey Woodard has been in the reselling game since he was 12. He lived in a rural farm town in upstate New York. His school was 40 minutes away from my house. School got out at 3:30 pm then he had basketball practice, which only started at 8:00 pm. His mom had told him that she wasn’t going to pick him up just to drive him back in a couple of hours, so she told him to find something to do for the five hours he had been vacant.


That’s where his reselling journey started, trying to find something to do in the time between school and his basketball practice. He would go to Goodwills and buy a designer t-shirt for $2 and flip it for $20 on eBay.

And then?

From such humble beginnings, he has traveled a long way, between all his sales channels, doing about seven figures in sales through Amazon and eBay. Casey deals with some export companies as well, specifically dealing with electronics. But through all of his channels, thankfully, everything has been scaling up to hit the seven-figure mark in top-line revenue per year. And then, in addition to that, he also runs an Amazon and eBay reselling community called Kick Flips.


Kick Flips is a community that Casey built which now has an abundance of leads, software, and things like that to help any seller who wants the resources to be able to succeed in today’s online arbitrage market.


Casey’s time is split between trying to manage an Amazon store, and an eBay store, while also trying to help as many people and sellers as he can. Online arbitrage still has a lot of space, no matter what anybody says.

How does his team handle multiple stores at the same time?

In terms of his team and as it relates to specifically the Amazon side, it is split. His team does the most volume on Amazon, but he also does a good amount through eBay and through some other platforms. But he has some fairly blurred lines in terms of what his team looks like because a considerable amount of the team members are shared between his Discord side or the reselling community side while also working on the more private side of his business, on product research, which makes up the bulk of his team.

Casey had recently hired a 5th person on his team. Right now, he has five product researchers who are working full time for him. Their job is to do a lot of the manual searching, looking for profitable leads, which they share with their business, while also sharing it with the reselling community that he is a part of. Apart from that he also has a ‘catch all’ assistant, which deals with all the administrative behind-the-scenes work with private partnerships the business has, uploading tracing numbers, making sure that the cash-out amount is the right amount that the business should be cashing-out, which is a crucial part of any business, but most important to a business that wants to upscale.

He also has a social media tea, specifically as it relates to the reselling community, but a lot of it they’re trying to expand beyond. I have one video editor and one Instagram manager. So, they kind of manage more of making sure that the strategy is there, and then the other person actually does the content side.

What tips can he give to people who want their businesses to run as well as he does?

Focus on learning more. If capital is not a huge constraint, it's just learning more and getting ungated more, sooner or later you can get to 10,000 in sales a month. What he believes will really skyrocket you off is being in a community, not specifically referencing “pay to join” reselling communities. Having group chats with other sellers who are in the same boat and all grow together. Find people in the same boat and bolster each other to greater heights.

Kick Flips DLC

8 Things I Learned from Casey - Kick Flips About Reselling on Amazon

Multichannel seller Casey Woodard of KickFlips sits with us to chat about his tips on flipping, botting, and other ways to reach your profit goals. He also sheds light on the importance of a social media presence and its countless advantages. 

What is the export side of his business like?

This is basically what Casey does with his spare credit line. The name of the game is going to be high-value low ROI, but it's a guaranteed purchase. There are a lot of businesses that operate under their business model as we are going to be buying items in America and sending them off typically to Asia and South America that they can sell for a markup. Electronics are going to be the biggest bulk of that, whether it's computers, phones, laptops, etc. But there are some other items there. But essentially they're limited. They can only buy so much from Best Buy, Walmart, and Target before they get capped.


Anyone can enter this game but as it scales that becomes a bit more of a relationship game than Amazon, where at least specifically is released online and retail arbitrage, it’s everybody sourcing from the same websites until you get the wholesale and stuff like that. But these cash-out groups and export companies are basically going to release a block of commitments saying, “We're going to buy a certain amount of these Dell laptops and if you can buy them for $300, we're going to give you $310. All right?”.

What happened?

So, from a pure ROI standpoint, that's like 3%. No Amazon seller is ever going to want to get in on that. But here's where some of the magic happens, if you will. First up, your kind of stacking coupons, you're stacking credit card points, and you're And once again, this all is a very far back priority from the sourcing, where the target for Casey’s company is around 30% ROI, that’s the number one priority. If you’re putting in a considerable amount of money towards your credit card and being able to get around 3 to 5% back from it, it is a sound investment because it allows you to stack up on credit card points, which any business owner knows, is a crucial and integral part of owning a business. It’s a way for more established sellers who have spare credit lying around to capitalize on that and make a few extra thousand or even a few extra hundred dollars a month with what they have lying around.

What is botting?

Botting is the term that people use to refer to using automation software to check out items, typically faster than a human, even with Google Autofill, would ever be able to type in any information to go through checkout.

They're still fully legal and okay to be used for things like sneakers, profitable. We do like art and like poster prints that are like actually pretty common ones. So a lot of the world, that Casey resides in outside of, specifically on eBay, is ideal for heavily unlimited edition collectibles, those sorts of items as well, where, hey, everybody knows that at Tuesday at noon, we're going to be releasing 100 editions of this poster print, or we're going to be releasing a certain amount of these limited edition sneakers. Everybody knows it, but there's only a certain amount. That's where bots come in heavily.

What to do?

You can just set it to do different things. The first is, all right, if it's already in the cart, it's just going to zoom through checkout incredibly quickly. If somebody's from a Shopify pay or Google Autofill, it's like that on steroids. All those and it's also clicking buy now for you, stuff like that. So it's clicking the buttons for you, it fills all of your information. Then there are other tangential things you're able to run.


It wasn't really in vogue on Amazon until recently. But if you are trying to get into the game of reselling items, that are very difficult to get. So the magic isn't quite as much in the sourcing per se. It's not so much like, “I found this gem that nobody knows about.”, it's “Everybody knows about this, but nobody can buy it because it's never in stock.”, that's where botting comes into play.

Why does he focus on social media when he could use that time to work on his business?

Casey is trying to get a lot more into the game on things like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and for different reasons. He started off trying to grow on Twitter, frankly, to make more money. The reason he started off there is that he does run a reselling community. He believes that they are one of the top tiers, best in the game in terms of helping people in making an accessible, affordable, learning environment and still providing a great bulk of information.


The fact of the matter is, even if you were to take away the fact Casey and Kick Flips do offer services and products related to reselling. With the network which they have grown, it's very difficult to put a price figure on that. Even without the services that they’re selling, being able to grow and develop a community that like, forms relationships between sellers and re-seller alike, is a worthwhile investment for any business.

Learn more from Casey - Kick Flips!

The perfect way to get in contact with Casey is through his Twitter account. Also, you can check out his website, wherein you can sign up to get a free lead that will be sent straight to your email every single day.


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