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Who is Romer the Roamer? Amazon reselling on arbitrage and bookseller

In this article, we’ll get to know more about Romer the Roamer and his journey.

Learn about Romer the Roamer and his journey, and understand where he’s come from. If you want to know a quick secret, he’s traveling the world and previously done selling books and now. There’s so much we can learn from him.

Topic Rundown:

Who is Romer the Roamer?

We know Romer the Roamer in the world of online bookselling and he had one goal: to travel the world. He started his journey when he was 23 years old, living in his car while traveling. During that time, he didn’t have enough money and always knew that he could make money by selling books on Amazon.

What is he like?

At first, Romer the Roamer didn’t know that he could buy books from thrift stores and libraries. What he did was sell his textbooks and his friend’s textbooks on Amazon to earn money. After that, during the day, we would get and scan books at the library- books for sale inside the library, of course. He also had an application that shows Amazon’s price and ranking, so he would have a better understanding of which books are selling. After buying the books, he would then go to the nearest Starbucks and use their fast internet to list the books and ship them through UPS.


Then, Romer the Roamer is continuing his travel throughout the world and even made a name of his own. He also started his business by selling other people’s books for them on consignment with Restricted Inventory. Since he could sell the books that they restrict other people on Amazon from. That allowed him to start his business and live the lifestyle he has today. He made $1M and a half each year in revenue.

Who is Romer the Roamer? Amazon reselling on arbitrage and bookseller

Romer the Roamer then added online arbitrage to his business to learn it and to teach it to his audience. Online arbitrage has the potential for it has great profit margins, and is doable and real. And to add, it fit the lifestyle that he was already doing.

If you want to follow him on his socials, everything is @romertheroamer. You can also check his software Go2Lister to learn more.

He believed in his vision and how he wanted it to come to life. Romer the Roamer makes full advantage of the Amazon business model. He doesn’t just earn the money, but he also lives the life he wanted.

Romer the Roamer’s Amazon online arbitrage journey

Like all Amazon sellers, Romer the Roamer had an interesting journey with Amazon online arbitrage. For a month straight, he was buying books without having direct feedback and sending them to a bad preparation center in Montana. Which caused him a lot of lost inventory. His overall Return on Investment (ROI) is above 10% and he sold some products at a loss.


What Romer the Roamer did was focus on clothing and beauty products. And the biggest lesson he learned was that you should want your products to be prepped fast. Clearly, when you’re an Amazon seller when you buy an item, you want it to get active on Amazon as quickly as possible- the faster you get your money back. The longer time you let lapse, the more chances for price tanking.

Who is Romer the Roamer? Amazon reselling on arbitrage and bookseller

After a while, Romer the Roamer realized a few things. In Amazon's online arbitrage, there are items that sell like crazy. Also, he now understands why some Amazon sellers would do the prepping themselves and not with a preparation center.

  1. You save money when you prep the items yourself instead at the prep center.
  2. Getting the items active as quickly as possible since you’re the one prepping.

What now?

Currently, Romer the Roamer is now working with a good prep center and now has a stay-at-home mom who preps things for him.


Another thing, finding excellent products to sell is an excellent skill since sourcing product is really an underrated skill. And hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant that finds leads that are 50% as good as you. Who cares? You can earn a lot more profit with the time you saved with your VA.

Romer the Roamer is now learning how to source more so he can be more in the game. Also wants the edge to know what products are working. With that, having an Amazon Virtual Assistant will make them for you.


Offering products you can offer to Amazon for a cheaper price is the goal of every Amazon seller. And that’s where we make our profits. Basically, you would need two VAs because you would want them to compete with one another. If you only have one, you have no idea whether they are good or they are not.

What to do when products don’t sell for 90 days?

When thinking about it, Romer the Roamer said that he should have focused more on high-ROI products, which he’s doing now. So, for example, when a price drops, you would still be getting a high percentage of ROI. But as we all are in the Amazon business, we are constantly learning from each Amazon seller.


What we do in FastTrack FBA is if an item doesn’t sell, we just get it out. I see it as placing a bet and I’m playing a strategic bet. I make an offer to the market and sometimes they don’t pay out. And in that game, in one out of 10 bets, you will lose money while in 9 bets you win. So, what we do to lessen this from happening is look at the ROI for the next 90 days and the previous 90 days to predict the effect and have better strategic betting.

8 Things I Learnt About Reselling On Amazon From Romer The Roamer

I researched, interviewed and learned everything about Romer the Roamer's success so you don't have to

Who is Romer the Roamer? Amazon reselling on arbitrage and bookseller

Advice to Amazon sellers who are just starting

Tony Robbins once said, “I always tell people if you want to know the secret to happiness, I can give it to you in one word: progress.”


Embracing the grind and knowing what you’re doing and what content you’re putting out there will always be helpful. No matter who’s watching, remember that you always have to start somewhere. And if you do, embrace the process and believe. One day, all of it will pay off.

Never compare your process to other successful people. Of course, you will feel bad and it’s not a fun process anymore. If you think like this, accomplishing something won’t feel great because now you’ll be comparing yourself to a new one. Being competitive is good, for it gives you the drive and motivation. But choose what you want to compete in and live your life and your dream.

Who is Romer the Roamer? Amazon reselling on arbitrage and bookseller

Next, if you’re an Amazon seller, you should have social media. The balance is within spending the money you can on inventory and sharing everything you learned on social media. Meaning, with this, you are more knowledgeable when you come back to your Amazon business.


To be honest, if you’re broke, online arbitrage is not the move. You could do it with the use of your credit cards and maybe get a job and put your money towards it. But what Romer the Roamer recommends is doing books when you’re just starting. If his goal wasn’t to travel and just earn money. He said that he could use that $1,000 to buy fast-moving online arbitrage products and scale that.

Now, realize the power of Amazon FBA and the power of buying products and having them shipped to the Amazon FBA center without even touching it. And if you’re consistently able to find excellent products that sell fast, take that opportunity to the fullest. As long as you stay in the game, that skill is going to compound over time. Eventually, you’ll make an enormous amount of money in your business.

Now, do you want to start your journey like Romer the Roamer?

Romer the Roamer is now working on his software company while working on his online arbitrage business and his bookkeeping on the side. 


If you are planning to start your Amazon journey, think of its cons and pros. But what I will say is that what’s cool about Amazon's online arbitrage is the ability to do it wherever. So, if your goal is to travel, focus on online arbitrage. Since it gives you the freedom to do both. Online arbitrage has a ton of potential for people who want to make a lot of money. Also, this kind of business doesn’t just go away. There will always be market efficiency.

If you’re still struggling with the tools you need when starting on your Amazon journey. Check out the article we created called Starting on Amazon FBA: Sourcing Tools for Amazon FBA.

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