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Who is Soros? Amazon Seller

In this article, we will go through the journey of Soros.

I’m going to be sharing with you an interview with someone that I’ve interviewed recently and what I considered one of the best interviews I’ve done, Soros. He is a $10,000,000 seller doing online arbitrage, and I love his mindset. I love what he’s about and what he’s sharing. 


It’s going to be really interesting to learn more about his journey, how he scaled, and the behind-the-scenes details. If you’re interested in learning all about that, this article is just for you.

Who is Soros?

Soros is a $10,000,000 online arbitrage seller, but he didn’t start out that way. You can check his Instagram on SorosEmpire, you can click back and see the road and journey he took to reach the heights that his business has reached today. 


Goals were a huge part of his journey. If you look back to his earlier posts you’d see challenges and points in his career in which he’d set himself a goal, and surprising himself, he reached those goals to the T.

What was Soros like before?

He was a depressed high school teenager, sick of being in his bubble. When he gets to college, he realizes that the environment was a lot better, and he had more freedom. When he finished school and started working in Washington, DC., in a corporate office, around the time he was getting into Tim Fares’ The 4-Gour Workweek, because there were no mentors around him. He started looking around his corporate office and realized that though people made money; they weren't really happy. There are no successful people around him that could help and support him to become a more successful person. That’s where Tim Fares came into his life. He had blogs, and his book and all those resources opened Soros’ eyes and sparked ideas within himself.


The help of lessons he learned from the book helped him climb the corporate ladder, negotiate for work, and allowed him to experiment in crypto, which turned out to be very successful for him but lost most of it really quickly. He didn’t do anything noteworthy entrepreneurial-wise, yet.

Who is Soros now?

With his girlfriend of three months, found out that they were pregnant, it was time to take things seriously for him. Luckily, his girlfriend introduced him to a mentor named Paul. They had a quick video call and told him that he could teach Soras Amazon.


Ultimately, Paul didn’t teach him Amazon, but he did teach Soras some tactics. He taught Soros how to think. To be optimistic, to be persistent. Paul ingrained in Soras’ mind principles that helped him to be the entrepreneur that he is today. Paul was the mindset shift that Soras needed.


He started shopping like crazy, opening up credit cards, blowing up his store, reaching milestone after milestone that he posted about on his social media, and reaching $1,000,000 in sales in his first year!


Now he has a 26-person company and a $10,000,000 store. Which he has restructured into a 12-people $7-8,000,000 company. Amazingly, he only works about an hour per week or per two weeks.

Soros Photo

What is the mindset for Soros?

Soros has analyzed so many sellers, so many business tycoons, so many journeys and it all points to the same things. Certain people have a lot of times, unconscious competence, they do certain things that other people don’t. That’s why his mentor, Paul, didn’t give him tactics, didn’t tell him which stores to go to, but focused on building his mindset and his confidence.  


It’s all about basic principles and habits. In his journey, he learned all the tactics and strategies that he could teach to hopeful Amazon sellers, but he chooses not to if you don’t have the right mindset. The mindset is the foundation for great things. It is the prime mover for successful people.

What does Soros do?

He wakes up every day with the thought of improving his business, to continuing to build the empire that he wants to build. Because if he didn’t do that, everything, the whole thing would fall apart because it’s all about focusing on abundance, clearing up your mind, improving habits, et cetera.


So, as a business owner, this sounds overly simplified. But if you can get connected with a desire, turn it into a goal. You are now not just taking your conscious mind, but also your subconscious mind as well. Many of us can agree that your subconscious is smarter than your conscious and is one of the reasons you are where you are today.

You can get them aligned by putting a goal into the future connected to your desire. Suddenly, you're waking up in the morning with this persistence, with this fire, with this pulling towards your goal, then that is solved, that's like fifty percent of your problems.

What was the desire that drove him to be where he is currently?

Before he found the desire to reach the stars and improve upon his business like he has today, he admitted that he was lazy. Though now, being in the position he is today, he can say that he understands why he was lazy. He didn’t have direction. The visions of the future he saw of himself at the time were people he didn’t want to become.


We commonly considered laziness a bad habit, but he found that this aspect of himself is part of why he’s so good at delegating tasks. Laziness became his superpower. Laziness was a desire to be able to have a clean slate in life. He wanted to be able to work and make money, then come back to bed and have a break, and think about his life.

Then what happened?

It all made sense to him. Because where do all the biggest thoughts come from? Where do the biggest connections and partnerships come from? It all came from peace. Having a clean mind, if you have that, things just show up. If you don’t give yourself space from your work and peace outside of your work life, you won’t be able to follow these opportunities that present themselves to you. 


When you’ve been lazy for so long, you’ve programmed yourself to stop trying. You have to break through that terror barrier, fear barrier, and just do something. One thing you got to realize is when you set a goal, you have a better chance of achieving it. If you're just sitting there and thinking of all the different options, you're just continuously going to tell yourself that there are no good options. You get into this state of fear which you have to break out of.

What to do?

Even if it doesn't feel perfectly right. Just go for it. You're going to be able to pivot along the way, and you're going to land somewhere that is right for you. Because you've put energy into a direction, actually moving forward.

Soros DLC

8 Things I Learned About Reselling on Amazon from Soros

We're back with Soros to see his full journey here since we last saw him a few months ago. He talks about his new project Arbitrage Empire and his goal to build his business into a 100 million dollar business. 

What is a daily mindset routine?

It’s very intense. Every day you wake up and you read your goal card, send it to somebody and forward it. You forward it to 15 people. It makes sure that you’re accountable for what’s on that goal card. 15 people just start off the day knowing that there are other people who are on this journey with them, accountability. He sometimes chooses to take a cold shower, just to pump it out even more.

One of the things about mindset is that you have to keep constant vigilance. He didn’t create the mindset and the road that he’s walking across right now, but he was a messenger of books that have been written for thousands of years. Constant vigilance is a price you pay for success. Constantly re-framing negative feelings and thoughts into something positive, finding the positive in every negative situation. 


Soros’ job is to clean up and improve his mind every single day. It’s what he teaches to individuals working in his company, which solves around 80% of all his problems.

Why give a mentor full faith?

You don’t learn from reading; you learn from doing what people who are successful say. The issue with a lot of people is giving that full faith in somebody because of the fear of being scammed. The chance of failing by giving such faith. That’s a major commitment. Everyone has battle scars from committing to someone. But finding the right person, the right mentor, and learning from the road that they embarked on to get to where they are in the best lesson and opportunity for you to reach greatness faster and more efficiently.

What advice can he give to people who are looking for mentors of their own?

If you find a mentor that has the energy and drive and willingness to teach you and give you a little extra time, pay that person and go after them. People like Soros or Paul are trying to build big things, and they can't give the one-on-one that mentorship really needs. Currently, he is taking a coaching course with Chris Patterson in his area, who has revealed a lot to Soros and changed his life completely. Soros is doing all of Chris’ material. Once he does cover all of it and learns from it, Soros will ask to be initiated into a one-on-one mentorship.


The amount Soros pays for his mentor is not a small amount, but the way he sees it, the returns greatly outweigh the costs. If your mentor teaches you and nets you a total that can reach in the thousands or millions of dollars, then the extra money you put into getting in with them and learning from them will all be worth it.

Soros' thoughts on spending money on a mentor

Everything is relative. To people who aren’t capable of spending that amount of money, or to people who can’t spend that amount of money leisurely, then that thought is very justified. But for someone like Soros who is making multitudes of that amount of money, then it is well worth it for his business and aspirations. 


But if you are in a 9 to 5 corporate job and are willing to commit your time and effort to a respectable mentorship, then this might be a step in the right direction for you. If you take time out of your day-to-day, to commit yourself to this next step, in mentorship, in Amazon, doing your daily dues, and sourcing for your online arbitrage business. This leap will cover great lengths in securing you a future, where if you’re confident, can lead to a full-time in online arbitration, and maybe even allow you time outside of work. Living the life that you deserve to live.

Have the right mindset!

The best way to contact Soros is through his Instagram profile. You can also reach him through his Twitter account. He answers all your questions and DMs. You can also follow him if you like what he’s talking about or if you’re feeling something in your heart resonating with him. He is just a messenger of this material.


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