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Why Am I Not Making Money on Amazon? 3 Keepa Checks to Help You Make Money

In this article, discover 3 Keepa checks to boost your success and stop asking yourself, “Why Am I not making on Amazon?”

Struggling to make sales on Amazon? You’re not alone. Many Amazon sellers struggle to gain traction on Amazon and turn a profit. Don’t worry. In this article, I’ll be sharing 3 Keepa checks that can help you turn things around. Allowing you to gain valuable insights into your Amazon business.


By doing these checks, you’ll be able to know in what areas of your Amazon business that you need to improve on and take targeted action to improve your sales, boost your rankings, and increase your revenue.

Topic Rundown:


Selling on Amazon is not all rainbows and butterflies. You should expect that there will be seasons when your products are not getting enough sales. There are a multitude of reasons to why you are not making money on Amazon. With that being said, I’m going to share with you 3 different Keepa checks that will help you determine why you are not making money on a certain product.

You might ask yourself, “Why is this important?”. To put it simply, knowing these checks will help you understand why a certain product is not making money based on its sales rank, sales price, buy box history, etc. With that in mind, you will have an idea as to which product you should avoid selling based on how it performed. 


In addition to that, learning about these checks will help you determine the risks IE current sellers’ listing can offer lower prices or Amazon entered the listing. With that, you have an idea of what you are willing to risk and make predictions.

3 Keepa Checks to help you make money

1. Keepa Sales Rank

Keepa Sales Rank

What is a Sales rank? Sales rank measures how well a product is selling with similar items or products. Basically, it is a rank order of related items. Now if you’re an Amazon seller, this will help you understand profit opportunity, risks and find out why you’re not making money when selling a particular product on Amazon. Considering that this relates to how well or in demand the product is.

2. Keepa Sale price

Keepa Sale Price

The sale price tells you what the prices of the buy box owners are. By checking the sale price, it will enlighten you to probable reasons you are not making money, because a seller is offering a much lower price compared to you.

3. Keepa Buy box owner

Keepa Buy Box

Why should you know this? Let’s say, for example, you sold an item where Amazon is on the listing, and as we might all know competing against Amazon can be challenging considering that they usually offer lower prices, and basically it’s their market so they are likely to hold the.buy box–where 90% of sales come from. With that, you have an idea that the reason why you are not making money is that Amazon is on the listing. 


That being said, checking the buy box owner is important to know so that you will determine if we can compete with the buy box owners’ selling price.

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Non-Keepa Check to see why you are not making money

We just went through the 3 checks on Keepa to know why you are not making money. Now we proceed with the non-Keepa check, which is the business reports on Amazon seller central. 


You might be curious as to you need to check the business reports. Checking the Business reports on Amazon seller central helps you determine if you are actually getting the buy box, because without it you will have a very hard time making sales.


The business reports will not only show you the buy box percentage but also show you data like sessions, unit session percentage, and other information which will help you determine why you are not making money on Amazon. 

Step 1: Open your Amazon Seller Central Account

Non Keepa Check Step 0

Step 2: Go to Reports then choose Business Reports

Non Keepa Check

Step 3: Under ASIN choose Detail Page Sales and Traffic

Step 3 Non Keepa Check

Step 4: Change the date then click Download CSV

Step 4 Non Keepa Check

You will receive an excel file and you will see the following: 

  1. Buy Box percentage – your buy box share in percentage
  2. Units Ordered – Basically it means sales
  3. Unit Session Percentage – the conversion rate 

Top Tips

Avoid products where Amazon is on the listing

What I will say is that when you are finding products to sell on Amazon and you see that Amazon is on the listing and they have a lot of stock, proceed to the next product because this won’t make you money. Why? It will take a long time before you get to sell out your stock and your fees will only increase IE storage fees. So, as much as possible, avoid products where Amazon is on the listing

Don’t always depend on the number of sales drop on Keepa

Why do I say this? Simply, counting the number of sales drop on Keepa won’t be 100% accurate. There are times when a listing will show that it has 10 drops per month, but when you actually sell it, it has more sales. So what I do with this is I do some test purchase IE by buying 20 units to test if the product is selling. 

Use these checks to grow your Amazon business!

Now, if you’re still struggling to make sales on Amazon and may feel a little frustrated with your lack of progress, don’t give up. By implementing the 3 Keepa checks outlined in this article, you can gain valuable insights into your Amazon business and take action to improve your sales and increase your revenue. 


Remember, success on Amazon is not guaranteed, but with the right tools, information, and strategies, you can achieve your goals and thrive in your Amazon business.


Still interested to know how to find profitable products for your Amazon business? We got you. You can learn more by reading our previous article that teaches you different sourcing techniques, such as: Keepa sourcing, Manual sourcing and my Top 2 sourcing techniques.

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