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Why hire a Filipino virtual assistant in 2023?

Let's explore the advantages of having a Filipino virtual assistant.

A business runs not only through the effort of the owner, the staff compromising the business is the vital life force that churns the machine which is your business. Every piece of the clockwork of your business should work hand in hand seamlessly with each other to allow you to have the return on investments that you deserve.


To find the perfect virtual assistant for you, and why you specifically should hire a Filipino virtual assistant, this article is for you.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is any individual under your hire that has the task of providing administrative, sourcing, and purchasing services for your business, while not situating themselves within the working boundaries of said business. 


Virtual assistants are to do a wide range of tasks that solely depend on what your business requires. If you need a job done remotely and with proper efficiency, then a virtual assistant is the sort of staff that your company needs.


Some Amazon sellers may think that they need to micromanage every little part of their business, supervising every step taken in the business, and that allowing a stranger into that framework is intimidating. But the advantages of delegating the tasks to other people in your hire allow you the time to deal with expanding and growing your business.

How does a virtual assistant help your business?

A virtual assistant is unlike any other person you employ because they are individuals who you choose who have the specific sets of skills to do more than just the manual and menial tasks around the business. 


They are specifically trained and chosen to perform the assigned tasks to the utmost of their capabilities in a quick and efficient manner. In one of the many career options found on Amazon, a virtual assistant in online arbitrage can be done by removing the middle steps from finding the items you want to sell. Delegating tasks to proper individuals who have the required knowledge and expertise to do it better than the business owner is a necessary step in the development of any business.


This frees up the opportunity for the business owner to create and find more opportunities and avenues that the business can go through to improve upon itself, provide better services, and most importantly, give the business owner returns on their investments while still allowing themselves the time to focus on bigger agendas within the business.

Why a virtual assistant will help you grow and develop your business?

Hiring a virtual assistant is the clear next step for any online business or business in general because it creates an avenue in which the business owner can focus on more pressing matters such as building your Amazon business and the many things that the business owner has to focus on rather than focusing on not important tasks in the business.


Allowing yourself to understand and accept that the staff could do a specific job better than you is the first step in delegating the workload and improving the efficiency of your business.

Why hire Filipino virtual assistant?

Outsourcing specific tasks to a virtual assistant out of your base of operations is a very cost-effective way of delegating tasks while also not needing the facilities needed if the worker were to work inside the confines of the business grounds.


Employing individuals located in the Philippines is a quick and easy way to ensure yourself a loyal worker that will do almost anything for the benefit of your business, a loyal employee who employs their best in performing the tasks that you intend to assign them.  


The work ethic that can be found in Filipino workers is second to none, which is why a lot of Amazon sellers choose to hire and take on Filipinos into their teams for their unrivaled skills and effort.

Top FBA tasks to outsource to Amazon virtual assistants

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These 15 Top FBA Tasks To Outsource To Amazon Virtual Assistants are based on my own experience of running an Amazon Arbitrage business. I have taken the key tasks that make the biggest impact on my business and put them into this list, to help you in your business.

The pros and cons of hiring a Filipino virtual assistant?


Filipinos are very proficient in the English language

Most have brought Filipino citizens up as bilingual for most of their lives, with English being taught in most schools in primary school.


English is most Filipino’s second language. The Philippines boasts that it’s the second most proficient in English all throughout Asia and 18th in the whole world.

Filipino work ethic

Every Filipino virtual assistant aims to provide the best possible quality of work no matter the task set upon them. 


Filipinos are hardworking people because most have to go through trials and tribulations to even get the chance to work for an overseas company. They will evidently be eager to stay and provide the best they can.

You will pay less, but the quality of the work will not suffer

The fear in most entrepreneurs with delegating important tasks for “cheap labor” is that the quality of the job will suffer if they choose to not spend a few more bucks. 


An outstanding quality about Filipinos is that they give their best quality of work as long as you pay them the right amount each time.


Language barrier

Though as stated above in the Advantages section of this article, most Filipinos are very proficient in English, as they still are not native speakers, there will always be a language barrier.


Though this can easily be avoided with proper and direct communication with the individual. It is still imperative to keep this in mind though when hiring a Filipino virtual assistant.

Filipino work culture

The phrase “I can’t do that” or “I don't know” is not found in Filipino vocabulary. No matter how the task may be out of their skill set or their wage, they will still do their best to uphold the request you gave them.


Dealing with people who hold their job and the quality of the work they do can be difficult for people so eager to please their bosses.

Western vs Eastern communication styles

While most Filipinos are highly fluent in conversing in the English language, they will still have a very Eastern way of communicating. One such way is trying to ‘save face’ or ‘brown nose’, as Filipinos do hold their employers in very high regard, they will do almost anything not to disappoint. 


Filipino workers are hardworking to a fault.

Where to find Filipino virtual assistants?

If you're considering hiring an Amazon FBA virtual assistant, there are three options to consider. Freelance marketplaces are ideal for per-job hires, with two types to choose from. Amazon virtual assistant agencies take care of the hiring process for you. Referrals through social networks are an easy way to find a reliable virtual assistant. Join Amazon-related groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, etc. to post your requirements and get recommendations.


If you want to know more about virtual assistants and where you can find to hire a Filipino virtual assistant, we created a more in-depth discussion about this topic. 

Time to hire your own Filipino virtual assistant

After learning about why hire Filipino virtual assistants, you now have an understanding of what Filipino VAs can do for your Amazon business and why they are important in growing your business. 


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