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Work online & earn 20-25k NET per month as an Amazon Virtual Assistant

Are you looking to become an Amazon Virtual Assistant? Don't worry, no experience is required because we provide full training for FREE

Your Questions Answered

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Yes, you may apply without experience because we will provide you with a 7 day free training
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You can reapply after 3 months
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At least i5 with 8GB RAM
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We require a fast internet connection of at least 10MBPS
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At the moment we are only hiring from the Philippines
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No you should provide your own equipment
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We only hire for full time roles
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We’ll keep in touch within a week or two if your application is successful. If you did not receive an email from us, it means you did not make it to the next step.
Join our community of over 200 Virtual Assistants, working full time from home, directly for their clients

With Fast Track FBA VA Academy, you will be part of our community of Amazon Virtual Assistants who work online and earns a full-time income. Fast Track FBA virtual assistants work directly for their clients in the USA, UK, Canada and across the globe.

Be part of something GREAT!!!
With the Fast Track FBA VA Academy, we not only hire and train great virtual assistants, we also support our clients to build great businesses that recognise and reward their teams. Many of our virtual assistants will earn great bonuses, go on to manager roles and receive great appreciation from their clients.

How it works

We have existing Amazon Sellers who are looking to grow their businesses using Virtual Assistants
They come to Fast Track FBA to find and support their businesses with virtual assistants who will work directly for them
We then search for the best virtual assistants, interview them, train them and support them for 12 weeks with their new client
Every virtual assistant works directly for the client, is paid by the client and is supported by Fast Track FBA
We support both the clients and the virtual assistants to create a great working environment and to get results through reselling on Amazon

The Process Step By Step

Apply for a Position

Send us a copy of your CV and then take a short 30 minute test to see what the role will be like and to know if you are the type of person we are looking for

Have an interview with our Team

After sucessfully completing the assessment, you will be invited to a two stage interview process, where we will learn more about you and tell you about the role

Undertake the Training
Once contracts have been signed you will then start with one full day of online video training and then 6 days of 1-2-1 and group training sessions. You will also be introduced to your new client and have plenty of opportunities to practice your new skills.
Start with your Client

After completing the training, you will begin working directly for your new client. You will be safe in the knowledge that the Fast Track FBA VA Academy is there to support you with our 12 week after care, training and support package. You join over 200 fellow virtual assistants in our private community, where we answer your questions and share top tips and tricks with you

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What Our Clients Say

Curtis Cally talks about how his life has changed with a virtual assistant

“Are you working on your business or in your business?” Curtis shares how he used Fast Track FBA to hire him a virtual assistant.

The Result: “A lot less stress and you can really see the growth”


See what client Sean Gilbert says about his VA

Long time Amazon seller Sean, talks about his experience hiring a virtual assistant with the Fast Track FBA VA Academy. See how happy Sean is with his new virtual assistant and how his business is growing



“It's definitely a good investment paying for a VA”

Your New Career Starts Today

With The Fast Track FBA VA Academy

Working with Fast Track FBA gives you access to the best training and a long term future career, working with the best Amazon sellers