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A Complete Guide to Keepa Amazon Price Tracker in 2023

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of this powerful tool, the Keepa Amazon Price Tracker.

Are you a beginner Amazon seller seeking how to track your competitors' prices or a drop shipper aiming to monitor your suppliers' current inventory levels and pricing strategies? If your answer is yes, Keepa Amazon price tracker is an essential tool for you. Let's dive right in and explore the benefits of using Keepa for your Amazon business.

Topic Rundown:

Why use the Keepa Amazon Price Tracker?

Keepa Chrome Extension for your Amazon FBA Business

Keepa is a widely recognized and trusted tool among Amazon sellers, offering a range of features that enhance the selling experience. This Chrome extension provides valuable price history charts and convenient drop alerts for a wide selection of products. Keepa's database is consistently updated and refreshed, ensuring you have access to the most relevant and accurate information.

Keepa Features

The Keepa Amazon price tracker offers a wide range of powerful features that are highly beneficial for importers, exporters, and Amazon sellers.

Product Finder

The feature allows users to query and match filters, making it easy to find the right products. This ability to export variation lists per ASIN and adjust row and pagination settings enables efficient processing of high volumes of ASINs.

Top Merchants

Users can identify sellers who are securing the best deals and understand their successful selling strategies. This knowledge can help improve seller rank and increase the chances of winning the buy box.

Price Drop Deals

This feature provides instant notifications of price drops and item availability. Users can set their desired thresholds, apply additional filters, and receive email alerts when the price drops, allowing them to seize opportunities for cost savings.

Category Tree Browsing

Users can explore rule-based types and increase their chances of winning the buy box by optimizing product visibility.

View Amazon Best-Selling Products

This feature provides valuable insights for making informed buying decisions. Since you can analyze the units sold, and inventory levels, compare international product prices, and estimate sales rank, gain confidence in securing great price deals.

Keepa's Price Increase Tracking and Alerts

Enables users to track the price history of specific products and receive notifications of price variations. This helps you, as an Amazon seller, to make purchasing decisions at the best price and stay updated on any price shifts.

Benefits of using the Keepa Amazon Price Tracker

High chance of getting a good deal

Keepa has a sourcing function that provides a comprehensive filtering option that allows you to tailor the products you view to your specific needs. By making good use of this tool, you may boost your chances of finding discounts that are relevant to your Amazon business and needs.


You can limit your search and just focus on products that suit your criteria by using particular filters, saving time, and ensuring that the offers you pursue cater to what you need. Keepa's filtering tool allows you to streamline your sourcing process and increase the likelihood of successful agreements in your Amazon business.

Benefits of using the Keepa Amazon Price Tracker

Gives data to you

Using Keepa as a sourcing method stands out by providing data (buy box price, drops, sales rank) that can assist you in filtering out products that do not align with your specific criteria.

Keepa graph

Keepa Chrome Extension

To utilize Keepa and explore a potential deal, the availability of the graph becomes valuable. As this simplifies the deal analysis process because you can effortlessly review whether the product in question is a good deal or not. Just by looking at the Keepa graph, you acquire an insight into past data which will be important in your decision-making.

Cons of using the Keepa Amazon Price Tracker

You need to pay for additional features

Cons of using the Keepa Amazon Price Tracker

While this Chrome extension is free. It is important to note that some functions and features are limited. To access the full range of possibilities that the Keepa Amazon Price Tracker offers, a paid subscription is required. This investment allows you to use the full potential of Keepa, enabling to help you to make better decision making and maximize your success as an Amazon seller.

Overwhelming data

For beginners, Keepa's data can make you feel overwhelmed when you look at the graph. Understanding the information initially glance can be challenging.


To overcome these challenges, you need to invest time in your learning and familiarize yourself with the features of Keepa. You can find helpful resources, such as tutorials on YouTube and informative articles that provide guidance on how to navigate and make the most of Keepa.


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How to install Keepa

Keepa Chrome Extension

This extension is not only for Chrome browsers; it is also available as an extension for Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. This wide compatibility allows users to access Keepa on their preferred browser, ensuring a seamless experience across different platforms. Keepa offers various options for accessing its features, whether through its website or browser extensions. These options provide users with flexibility in choosing the most convenient way to use the tool.


To install Keepa, you can open your respective browser that is mentioned above and search for the extension to your browser. This simple installation process allows you to get Keepa seamlessly into your browsing experience.

Do I need to create an account to use Keepa?

Creating a user account on Keepa is not mandatory. Users have the option to use the service anonymously and still have the same access as registered users. However, creating an account is important to save your data, especially if you're using Keepa for business purposes.


Registering for an account is a simple process that you can complete quickly. Click on the Log-in or Register button located in the top right corner of the interface. You can provide your username, password, and email to complete the registration process.

How does the Keepa extension work?

Keepa Amazon Price Tracker is a powerful tool that provides insights into Amazon products. With this tool, you can expect a range of valuable features and functionalities. That includes:


  1. Price and Review Count History

  2. Product Tracking

  3. Price Comparison

How to read the Keepa Amazon Price Tracker data

Imagine starting with a blank Keepa chart, without any of the markings. On the right side of the chart, you will find numerous features that contribute to the understanding of data statistics and graphical representation.

Green Line / Sales Rank

How to read the Keepa Amazon Price Tracker data

This indicates how quickly the item is selling. It provides insights into the product's demand and popularity.

Blue Line / Lowest Price

Keepa Price Tracker

As the name itself, it represents the lowest price of the product, whether merchant-fulfilled sellers or Amazon itself offer it.

Orange Shaded Area / Amazon

Orange Shaded Area or Amazon

It signifies that the product is in stock and available for purchase on Amazon during those dates. If you see a white area between the orange shading, it indicates the period when Amazon has run out of stock for the product.

Pink Diamonds / Buy Box price

Keepa Price Tracker

The name of the Amazon seller that appears in the buy box is the one controlling it. The buy box is typically indicated by the text “Dispatched from and sold by” near the Buy Now button on the listing. In Keepa graphs, a pink dot, or a diamond, often represents the buy box price.

What if the buy box price is not the same as the new price?

When evaluating products using Keepa, you need to be mindful of certain factors. Instead of focusing solely on the new price, pay closer attention to the buy box price. The buy box price is the determining factor that controls the placement of the buy box on the product page, which significantly affects the product's visibility and sales potential.

How to Product Source using Keepa Amazon Price Tracker

Step 1: Log in to Keepa

Step 2: Go to the data tab and go to the product finder

Step 3: Filter products within the catalog

Step 4: Click Find products

Step 5: Analyze the deal

Step 6: Do reserve sourcing


If you're seeking a detailed example of how to use Keepa as a sourcing technique, I recommend reading the article that discusses it.

Will you use Keepa Amazon Price Tracker to grow your business?

In today's competitive selling on Amazon, utilize the available third-party tools that offer you the security to win the buy box, especially when following the FBA routine. To thrive in this environment, sellers must enhance their visibility, relevance, and market impact. Using Keepa's features, you can make more data-driven decisions and increase your chance of winning the buy box.

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