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How to get Ungated on Amazon in 2023

In this article, you will learn how to get ungated on Amazon with our comprehensive guide.

Welcome to the guide on how to get ungated on Amazon. In this article, we'll cover the steps and requirements needed to gain access to restricted product categories in the Amazon marketplace. Whether you're a new seller or looking to expand your offerings, understanding the process of getting ungated can help you achieve your goals and grow your business on Amazon.

Is getting ungated hard?

In 2019, being ungated was more difficult, but now it's simpler. Despite hearing of rejections, don't worry as they're likely due to incorrect methods. To be approved, make sure you have over $1,000 in sales and the proper invoices. If rejected, don't take it personally and resubmit your application. The representative at Seller Support may have missed your document or have too many cases to handle, so keep trying.

What does Gated or Restricted mean?

Being Gated on a brand or category means that a seller must get Amazon's approval before listing products from that brand or selling items in that restricted category.

How to know if you are gated

The first thing to do is go to Seller Central – Menu – Catalogue – Add Products.

How to know if you are gated - How to get Ungated on Amazon for 2023 blog

Enter the Amazon ASIN, barcode, or even the product name into the search bar. Although using the ASIN works the best.

How to know if you are gated - How to get Ungated on Amazon blog 2

Don’t forget this part because most people do. Select “NEW” from the drop-down menu.

Select New from the drop down menu

Then click “Show Limitations” from the drop-down menu.

Show limitations

After this, you will see where it says, “You need approval to list this XXXX”. Now, this might say one or all of the following; “brand, category, subcategory” or “ASIN”.

3 Types of Gating or Restrictions

Generally, we have seen that Amazon has 3 types of restrictions within its system.

Restriction Type 1 - Brand

This means that you need Amazon’s approval to sell this brand. And the easiest way to get this is through;


A) Trying to auto ungate

B) Using a wholesale invoice

Types of restriction

Restriction Type 2 - Category or Subcategory

Basically, this means that you need the approval to sell this category or subcategory. The easiest way to get this is through;


A) Trying to auto ungate

B) Ungating – Invoices from a manufacturer or distributor

Types of restriction 2

Restriction Type 3 - ASIN or Transparency

If you do this, it means Amazon is requesting Transparency. All you need to do is take photographs of 5 transparency codes. Save those images to PDF and upload them to Amazon.


If you do not see the option to enter the transparency codes. This generally means that Amazon will not let you sell the ASIN. 

Types of restriction 3

Restriction Type - None of the above - This product has other listing limitations

When you see this type of restriction, you can not sell this ASIN and they are not accepting applications. When you see, “This product has other listing limitations”, means that you can not sell it and there is nothing you can do.

Types of restriction 4

Other restrictions Amazon says:

To provide the best possible shopping experience for our customers, we sometimes place selling restrictions on certain products, brands, categories, and subcategories. While some of these products may require selling, we may not be accepting applications for various reasons, such as:


  • The product has regulatory or importation limitations that prevent it from being sold.
  • The product has regional compatibility issues that prevent it from being sold in certain regions. 
  • The product has temporary selling restrictions that prevent it from being sold during certain time periods.
  • The product cannot be sold in a used, collectable or refurbished condition.
  • The product has selling restrictions due to a performance issue, such as a product safety or customer complaint. 

How to get ungated on Amazon?

What you need to know before you try to ungate

As previously noted, establish your seller history first and achieve at least $1,000 in sales. Amazon's gating process acts as a filter for approved sellers to sell top-quality products. The ungating process is Amazon's way of evaluating you as a seller before allowing you to sell a brand or in a category. 


To get ungated, Amazon is likely to consider the following two factors:

  1. Can you prove the products you are selling are genuine, this is achieved with a manufacturer or distributor purchase invoice or brand letter?
  2. Have you shown a history of responsible selling without customer complaints?


The reason we recommend you to get sales first before ungating is shown at the second point. We do know of people getting ungated on a brand new account with no sales and are accepted, but we also know that most of the time, those people have been rejected. So, there is no harm in trying a new account, but don’t be surprised if you are rejected.

Ungating - Auto Ungating

Auto ungating is simply the process of seeing if Amazon will automatically ungate you based on your seller performance. You should always try to do this before using any other method. 


And all you need to do is click the “Request approval” button. 

Request Approval

If you see the following, then you have been automatically ungated.

Selling Application for ASIN

And if you see a page that contains “Submit Documents”, then the auto ungating has failed. You will need to try how to get ungated – Ungating – Invoices from a manufacturer or distributor.

Selling Application for Brand

Ungating - Invoices from a manufacturer or distributor

You might have heard this is a hard process, but it isn’t once you have done it. You will have no problems doing it for lots of other brands and categories.


Simply, you need to buy 10 units of an ASIN in the same category or brand that we want to get ungated in. What we do is submit the purchase invoice from a manufacturer or distributor, and sometimes take photos of the product. After a few days after the submission, Amazon will ungate and can now sell the brand or in that category.

The Ultimate Amazon Ungating Guide

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Hack 1: Manufacturer or Distributor

If you read the text on Amazon’s website, you need a purchased invoice from a manufacturer or distributor. This is correct but they will actually accept invoices from wholesalers as well and there are a lot more wholesalers than manufacturers or distributors.


My advice would be to focus on buying from wholesalers, as it is easier to open buying accounts and purchase smaller quantities. 


Another hack that we have seen that is working is that Amazon has been accepting purchase invoices from the manufacturer’s retail website. So, if you want to get ungated in Nike, then buying the items from Nike and using that purchase invoice has been working. 


Note: this does not always work, but it is currently working, so it could change again in the future. 

Hack 2: Finding an easier way to ungate

If I would want to get ungated in a Brand – Lego. Then, typically, I would go out and try to find the product I am going to sell with a wholesaler, manufacturer, or distributor. Finding the same product can be hard so it’s better to focus on finding another product from the same BRAND or CATEGORY that you want to sell and that you can buy.


For example;

I found a great deal on this Lego product that I want to sell but I am gated in the said brand.

Example Lego
Selling Application - how to get ungated on Amazon blog

So, instead of searching for a wholesaler for this product (Lego 76218). I understand I am gated in the brand, so any product with the brand Lego will get me ungated when I request approval. 


What I do is search my wholesaler for any Lego product and see if this is in stock.

Wholesale Lego Example

I also check on Amazon for the same product to see if the brands are the same

Check if same product

Then, I will put this new product ASIN (Lego 76404) back into Amazon to check if the brand name is the same.

After checking, I now know that if I buy Lego 76404 from the wholesaler and request to get ungated in that product. This will also get me ungated in the original Lego product (76218) that I wanted to sell.


Note: this also works for categories. So, if I wanted to sell a product in Clothing – Apparel. As long as I could find another product in that same category that the wholesaler sells, then I can use that to get the whole category ungated.

Selling Application LEGO

Hack 3: Don’t consider making a profit, simply break even and get your money back

We have been taught to make money on all our purchases, which is right. But we know that sourcing for-profit products is really hard and time-consuming work. Keep in mind that the products you want to sell are profit-making ones and instead think about buying these ungating products, simply open the door, get ungated and then aim to get your money back. 


To put this clearly, focus on finding fast-selling products that you can break even on, for the purpose of getting ungated. This way you will get ungated quicker and get your money back from that stock. If you want to try and find profitable products to get yourself ungated, this is fine. Although, it will take a lot longer. This is why we instead look for fast-selling items we can break even on.

Step-by-Step Amazon Ungating Process: What you need to do

When you’re applying for a selling application for a brand or category, we have always selected the top option.

Selling Application for Brand Example

Once you select this, Amazon will ask you to submit either…


A purchase invoice with 10 units or A purchase invoice with 10 units and photos of the units.


Do check what you need to do, but this is quite simple. You will need to purchase 10 units from the supplier (Use these suppliers – Ungating Supplier List) of the product and the purchase invoice will need to show the following:


  • Dated on or after XXXX (within 180 days)
  • Includes your name and address, matching the information in your selling account
  • Include the name and address of the manufacturer or distributor
  • Show the combined purchase of at least 10 units
  • Omit pricing information (optional)
  • Please note that we may verify your submitted documentation by contacting product vendors you identify in your application

Common questions about ungating invoices

Can the address be different from my office address?

We have not had a problem with a different shipping address to the business address, but do have the shipping address as a return address on your Seller Central account. I would also suggest putting your company name in the address field when you purchase.


Can I buy 2 lots of 5, instead of 10?

The invoice needs to show 10 units purchased of ONE product. You could run the risk of the supplier issuing 2 invoices for 5 units each, which Amazon will not accept. Remember, 10 units on 1 invoice. 


What happens if it’s a pack of 10 already in the box? Can I buy 1x pack of 10?

If it’s stated on the purchase invoice that 10 units are in the box, you might be okay. But it’s best to find a single-unit product so that the QTY section of the invoice clearly shows 10 units.

Pictures (Only needed if needed)

Amazon might ask you to provide pictures of the product. Again, check the requirements on the application page. This simply means taking photos of all 6 sides of the product, 4 sides plus the top and bottom. I would actually recommend taking a few closer ones of the product marking like this.


Amazon states the following

  • The pictures you provide must be photographs of the physical product rather than computer-generated images.
  • The pictures must show each side of the product or its packaging. All label text (including the ingredients list, if applicable) must be visible, easy to read, and secured to the product or its packaging.
  • The pictures must include the model number, product name, or both.
  • The pictures must include the name and physical location of the business or manufacturer on the product or product label.
  • Important label information, such as warnings and directions for use, must be in the local language of the country or region you are applying to sell in.


Once you have all the images, simply combine them into a single PDF file using a free service. Then submit that with the invoice on the page and wait 7-10 days.

Pictures Example

Ungating Supplier List

Here is a list of suppliers we have heard about or used ourselves to get ungated.

USA Suppliers to use to get ungated

USA Suppliers to use to get ungated - how to get ungated on Amazon

One supplier that has been working for Everything!

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com 


We have heard and seen a lot of people reporting that simply buying the product from the Amazon marketplace, when Amazon is the supplier, can work.


Remember the SOLD BY, on the buy box, needs to show Amazon.

UK Suppliers to use to get ungated

Use these suppliers if you are in the UK market.

UK Suppliers to use to get ungated

One supplier that has been working for Everything!

We have heard and seen a lot of people reporting that simply buying the product from the Amazon marketplace, when Amazon is the supplier, can work.


Amazon – https://www.amazon.co.uk


Remember the SOLD BY, on the buy box, need to show Amazon.

Sold by Amazon Example

Get the FREE Top 100 UK Supplier List

Get the FREE Top 100 USA Supplier List

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How to find your own suppliers for any country

Simply type the brand name of the product you are looking for into the search box on Google plus the word “wholesale”. This will help you find wholesalers that will stock products. 


Tip: don’t forget Hack 3: Don’t consider making a profit, simply break even and get your money back.

Wholesale Lego Example 2

How to check the supplier

These things should help you to spot the correct wholesalers from the fake ones, but there will be exceptions. Suppliers will generally need you to apply or create an account before you can see pricing or product lists. 

Supplier Lego Example

You might be able to see products, but you won’t see pricing and they might mention they are a wholesaler or distributor.

Lego Distributor

It will be easy to get in contact with them, they will show their telephone number and address. If you can only find an email address and no telephone number or address, this is a red flag. Avoid it at all costs. You will also be able to see the name of the legal business operating the website, such as Legal Business Name LLC.

How to know if legit supplier

What to do if you are rejected?

Remember Amazon employs a lot of people and they will have targets to achieve as a part of their work. If you get rejected, don’t worry. Simply try again. We have heard stories of people being approved with just a white sheet of paper, so this shows that at times, the support personnel might not actually be reading the submission. Simply resubmit again, 3, 4 even 5 times.

Time to get ungated on Amazon!

Now that you know how to get ungated on Amazon in 2023, it can now help you with this challenging process. By understanding the requirements and following the best practices for documentation, you can now increase your chances of success in Amazon’s marketplace. Remember, ungating is a critical step for growing your business on Amazon and taking advantage of its many opportunities; make sure you take the time to get it right.


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