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Keepa Chrome Extension for your Amazon FBA Business in 2023

In this article, let's make use of the Keepa Chrome Extension for your Amazon FBA business.

Let's explore the powerful features and benefits that this tool offers to Amazon FBA business owners. Discover how the Keepa Chrome extension can elevate your selling experience and empower you to make decisions for success this 2023. From real-time price history charts to powerful drop alerts, we will guide you through how Keepa can revolutionize your selling experience.


Let's embark on this exciting journey together and seize the opportunities that lie ahead!

Keepa Chrome Extension for your Amazon FBA Business

Topic Rundown:

What is Keepa Chrome Extension?

Keepa Chrome Extension

Keepa is a widely recognized and trusted tool for Amazon sellers, offering a range of features to enhance your selling experience. This Chrome extension provides price history charts and convenient drop alerts for a vast selection of products. Keepa's database is consistently up-to-date and refreshed, ensuring you have access to the most relevant and accurate information.

While Keepa excels in numerous aspects, it's important to note that shipping costs are not tracked within the Keepa Chrome Extension. This means that you will need to consider shipping costs separately and account for them in your calculations.

However, apart from this minor limitation, Keepa shines with its outstanding performance. The Keepa Chrome Extension is available for FREE, with optional in-app purchases available for advanced features. The best part is that you can start using Keepa immediately without the need for registration.

What are these graphs?

The graphs provided by the Keepa extension offer a comprehensive view of the past prices for the products you are monitoring, similar to the stock exchange.

Key features of Keepa

Filter and Display Options

These are filters based on your specific sourcing criteria. Simply put, your desired criteria, such as a sales rank range of 15,000 to 100,000, the beauty category, and a listing where Amazon is not present, among others. Keepa will then automatically present you with products that match these criteria, streamlining your process.

Discover Detailed Price History Charts

Keepa Chrome Extension

Explore the extensive collection of over 2.5 million Amazon products with Keepa. Dive into detailed Price History charts right from your tablet or computer. And stay informed about the price trends and fluctuations of the product over time.

Set Price Change Alerts Effortlessly

With Keepa, it's easy to create alerts for price changes directly from the product's webpage. Be the first to know when the price drops below your desired purchase point.

Compare International Amazon Prices

Expand horizons and compare prices across various Amazon regions. Keepa lets you effortlessly track and compare international prices.

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How to use Keepa Chrome Extension

Familiarizing yourself with the important aspects of the tool to keep you equipped with the knowledge and insights needed to make important decisions. Prepare to enhance your skills as we dive into this topic. Here are some terms you need to be aware of:

Keepa Chrome Extension


When examining the Keepa graph, the orange-shaded portion represents Amazon's price for the product. However, if there is no orange shade or gap, it indicates that Amazon is currently not present on the listing, potentially due to being out of stock.


For Amazon sellers who are looking to identify products to sell on their Amazon business, it is advantageous to find a listing where Amazon is not present. Why? Because by avoiding direct competition with Amazon, Amazon sellers can increase their chances of achieving higher sales and margins. The orange-shaded area on the Keepa graph serves as a key indicator to identify such opportunities.


The lowest price displayed on Keepa represents the minimum selling price of a product, excluding delivery costs. The blue line typically represents this information on the Keepa graph. It's important to note that this price does not necessarily indicate the actual selling price, as it does not account for additional charges associated with shipping.

Sales Rank

Sales rank, indicated by the green line at the bottom of the Keepa graph, represents the relative ranking of a product within its category. It is important to understand that sales rank is not a direct measurement of the number of sales, but an inference based on the product's performance. By examining the sales rank, sellers can acquire insights into how a product is performing and interpret its significance.


When observing the Keepa graph, it is advantageous to seek movement in the sales rank (green line). Increased movement indicates positive activity and suggests that the product is acquiring traction. A downward movement in the sales rank indicates that sales are occurring, which is an encouraging sign.

Buy Box

The seller whose name appears in the buy box on Amazon is considered the controller of the buy box. You can identify the buy box by the phrase “Dispatched from and sold by” near the “Buy Now” icon on the product listing. In the Keepa graph, the buy box price is often represented by a pink dot.


Securing the buy box is crucial in e-commerce as it significantly impacts sales. When customers shop online, they typically select a product and click the “Buy” button without necessarily checking the seller's identity. By controlling the buy box, sellers have a high probability, ranging from 80% to 90%, of receiving sales through this prominent feature.

If you're interested in learning the basics of using the Keepa Chrome extension, we have an informative and detailed YouTube video that covers everything you need to know. Discover valuable insights, tips, and tricks to make the most out of Keepa and enhance your e-commerce experience. Watch the video to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the key features and functionalities of Keepa and unlock its full potential in your online business. Don't miss out on this valuable resource that will help you master the use of the Keepa Chrome extension.

FAQs for Keepa

Is Keepa free?

Yes, so take advantage of this great tool for your Amazon FBA business.

How much is Keepa?

The subscription for Keepa has 2 different plans: the free plan and the monthly plan, which cost €19.

How can sellers use the Keepa Chrome extension?

First, open your Google search bar and search for “Keepa Amazon Price Tracker Chrome extension.” Once you find the extension, add it to your Chrome browser. That's it! You're now ready to utilize Keepa while scanning products for Amazon.


Keep in mind that while the basic features of Keepa are free to use, there are additional premium features that may require payment. And Keepa itself is free. Enjoy the benefits of Keepa!

Can I use the Keepa extension on the Firefox browser?

Yes. It is supported on different browser extensions such as Opera, Edge, and Firefox, and through your mobile Firefox app.

If you're interested in learning how to source products effectively using Keepa, be sure not to miss out on our article on this topic. Discover valuable insights, strategies, and tips that will empower you to make informed sourcing decisions and optimize your product selection process. Stay ahead of the competition and maximize your success in e-commerce with the knowledge gained from our dedicated article on sourcing products using Keepa.

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